DataBinding Strongly Type Collections

Today I stumbled across a great blog by Erik
Porter on Strongly Typed Collections
and Windows
Forms DataBinding
.  I’ve recently been working with Strongly Typed Collections
and finally discovered the piece of the puzzle that was missing for me.  It’s
easy to see how you can add and remove items and bind the object to controls such
as a combobox, but what about the datagrid?

If you set such an object as the DataSource everything appears and you can edit it,
but can you add an item? For a while this became a problem where I wanted to use my
own object, but I really needed it to work with a DataGrid like a dataset does. This
is where we turn to IBindingList. By implementing the IBindingList interface we can
take advantage of it’s grid based capabilities that allows things like a DataGrid
to work with it. Rockford Lhotka has a great
article on MSDN and
also details it in his book Expert
One-on-One Visual Basic .NET Business Objects

The key is adding the implements statement and all of the required properties that
go with it

Public Class People
  Inherits CollectionBase
  Implements IBindingList

Check out the sample code in the MSDN article for all of the property details hidden
in the IBindingList region.



Kommt hier Das Blog

It’s day two of officially having a blog and changes are happening already. I have
switched from the Blogx engine to Clemens
‘ Das Blog instead. Slick interface with many nice features. Good work

Now I just nee to find out how ot make it not look like everybody elses!


It’s Official!

It’s official, after much debate I have decided to start my own web log, or BLOG.
I have recently been finding an extreme amount of helpful information related to .Net
programming and other technologies. I hate the feeling of jumping on a band wagon,
but I have really found a lot of value in a number of technology focused blogs that
I have been following for the last couple months.

My goal will be to contribute, along with others in promoting the sharing of useful
information primarily relating to .Net software development and related network technologies.
I will initially be using BlogX written by Chris
and contributors, although I am following the progress of Das
by Clemens Vasters.

I would like to thank those that through their sites and sharing of information convinced
me that this was the thing to do. Be sure to check out:

Andy Smith

Brad Abrams

Clemens Vasters

Duncan Mackenzie

Data Grid Girl / Marcie Robillard

Ingo Rammer

Julia Lerman

And many, many others!

Wireless Voice Over IP

For some time now I have been making use of a NEC Voice over IP telephone to keep in touch from my home office. I’ve also been enjoying the freedom of a wireless network card in my laptop to be able to work at different places, but still needing to run back to my desk to get the phone. Well now, thanks to a little network configuration and a USB network adapter, I am able to connect my IP set directly to my laptop which routes it through it’s wireless adapter on to my VPN connection to the head office. The result is an (almost) wireless voice over IP phone. I’m hoping soon that NEC comes out with an 802.11 wireless IP set of their own, but for now this will do nicely!