It’s Official!

It’s official, after much debate I have decided to start my own web log, or BLOG.
I have recently been finding an extreme amount of helpful information related to .Net
programming and other technologies. I hate the feeling of jumping on a band wagon,
but I have really found a lot of value in a number of technology focused blogs that
I have been following for the last couple months.

My goal will be to contribute, along with others in promoting the sharing of useful
information primarily relating to .Net software development and related network technologies.
I will initially be using BlogX written by Chris
and contributors, although I am following the progress of Das
by Clemens Vasters.

I would like to thank those that through their sites and sharing of information convinced
me that this was the thing to do. Be sure to check out:

Andy Smith

Brad Abrams

Clemens Vasters

Duncan Mackenzie

Data Grid Girl / Marcie Robillard

Ingo Rammer

Julia Lerman

And many, many others!