The New Thing I Hate

I said I wouldn’t rant, I know, I said it, but come on people! As somebody trying
to learn new things along with everybody else out there I am greatful for the vast
amount of articles and code samples that are freely available on the net, but please
if you’re going to post things that you say work, make sure they do. I don’t know
if maybe it was just the things I was looking for today or what? I found a number
of samples, but when I would start to try them I would be bombarded with issues. I
guess that’s why things for free are free. I shouldn’t complain becuase I don’t have
endless amount of free 100% bug free code on my site. It sure does however make me
appreciate those individuals that consistantly put out good code and advise for their
peers. Enough said…

When will they learn?

On July 16, 2003 our friends at Microsoft released Security
Bulletin MS03-026
detailing a newly discovered vulnerability and releasing a path
to correct it. So I ask, nearly a month later on August 12 are people so surpized
when the MSBlaster
hits? Through security bulletins and windows update services it’s pretty
easy to tell when something needs to be updated, yet an amazing number of “professionally”
cared for systems fall victum. I think a lot of organizations really need start asking
questions about the care of their systems and their exposure to the internet.