PDC 2003 – All I want is to be inspired

Talk of the upcoming Microsoft Professional
Developers Conference
certainly filling the airwaves. Many are saying how great it’s going to be. The folks


all seem to have new exciting technology to share. Cool buzzwords including “Longhorn”,
“Avalon”, “Whidbey”, and “Indigo” have become part of the regular vocabulary.  However,
there are now a few voices asking if it’s really going to be as great as everybody
says. Is it going to be the conference of all conferences? Will more announcements
be made and more secrets shared than at any other time in the history of conferences?
Does it really matter? It’s already obvious that there’s more information there than
any of us could absorb in such a short time. There’s no way to make every session,
hear every tip, and see every single cool thing. For me, I just want to be inspired.
I want to feel that I’m part of something bigger. I want to see the faces behind the
code. I want to dream about what I can build. Sure, I’m expecting to learn some new
things to do more, make my life easier and all that, but I think some times we get
too caught up in the details. Go, learn, and meet some new people. Ask some questions,
share some stories. People are going to be proud of what they’ve done and what they
have to say. Let yourself buy in the vision and go away energized with their message.
I try to remember an event like this is largely what I make of it.


Oh ya, than and I also hope to get a Datagrid

Free Wi-Fi!

Well, at least for the day. Being the geek I am I could not resist working this afternoon
from the Cafe at our local Borders Book Store.
Today Intel and T-Mobile are
having a special free wireless access day to promote their products. I’ve been curious
for a while now about thei service so here I am. Besides it’s a good test as my hotel
for PDC apparently has a T-Mobile hotspot.

I’m personally a big fan of wireless access. Working from a home office just wouldn’t
be the same without it. Being able to wirelessly roam the head office when I am there
as well just adds to the benefit. Bring on the wi-fi coverage!


PDC – I’ll Be There

official, I’ll be there! For me the past couple years has been a great adventure,
turning me into a Knowledge Sponge, trying to figure this whole thing out. A lot has
been learned and some pretty cool things have been done already, but I hope this will
help me put it all together. Bring it on! Know if I only knew somebody else that was

Time Flies!

Time flies when you’re having fun! It’s amazing how a week at the beach, a week in


, and a visit from relatives and a hurricane can cut into ones regular coding schedule.
Well now it’s back to the grind stone. Where was I?

of hurricanes, I snapped this picture of Hurricane Isabel at sunrise on




24 hours before the storm made landfall. It looks so nice and peaceful that far away