Say NO to VoIP Regulation

Regulators in the US and other nations are considering regulations and charging fees
to providers similar to those imposed on the traditional telephone companies. This
reminds by of the early internet days when telcos screamed for regulations as up and
comers became industry leaders overnight. For many telcos, these threats appeared
to be nothing more than scare tactics to allow them time to catch up. Look at the
recent Verizon/Nortel announcement
as a good indication of what their plans are. Would they not just love to have the
government limit the growth of Vonage until they are ready to compete? Regulation
will kill innovation on the internet. Even the
FCC thinks
this could be harmful. In the very least, individual countries attempts
to regulate will hold back companies from competing. Imagine what would happen if
the post office convinced the government that there should be a per email charge to
subsidize the postal service? Yes we need to have laws apply to things like piracy,
but we shouldn’t punish industries offerin new consumer choices.