Devdays Blog Contest

According to Scoble there is a DevDays
blogging contest
. DevDaysBloggers.Net will
be tracking the number of blog posts from each city aggregated throught their site.

The only problem is that currently only Keynote Speaker, Developer Evangelist, Doug
and I are the only two people listed for the Raleigh-Durham event.
Say it isn’t so! Please tell me there are more of you out there. Signup and be heard!
My only other option is to try and convince Doug to blog his keynote one line at a
time! (Hmm… will there be wifi?)

If you’re going to be at the Raleigh-Durham
 on March 9th, drop me a note. If you’re not going to be there, go
sign up now! (Speaking of Raleigh events, the next local MSDN event will be held on
March 2. (For more
info on this and upcoming events



Free Wifi Hotspot – Good advertising?

Now that nearly every portable computing device is being made with some for of wireless
connectivity device inside we see more and more locations offering their services
as an access point. Some companies like T-Mobile are partnering with destinations
like Starbucks and Borders. I personally still have a tough time accepting their rate
plans, but they’re getting closer.

And then there are the locations that offer free network access to their customers.
I’ve been amazed at how my destinations of choice have changed because of free
wireless access availability. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I wouldn’t be
willing to pay for some level of service at an appropriate price point. After all,
I definitely spend more going to site that has network access. I often end
up having that extra cup of coffee or eventually give into the fresh baking just added
to the display I’m sure it helps them increase their sales at the end of the day and
I go away happier with a better perceived value for my money. More customers and increased
sales per customer, how can you go wrong?

My current locations of choice include:

Bear Rock Cafe

Bean Traders

and I hope to check out the Jump’ N Java Cafe’ and the Gateway
in the near future.

WROX Titles – Source Code

In a number of recent conversations people have complained about not being able to
find the source code for many of the old red cover Wrox titles that are now apparently
out of print. APress, which has republished some of the titles also has the source
code online for many of the other titles here. Now
I can find it again and so can you.

.and the rockets’ red glare.

…and the rockets’ red glare…

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

7:32 PM


This is off topic for the usual content of this site, but this Saturday I was able
to witness the launch of a Titan 4B rocket from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
There is certainly something special about space travel. While touring the exhibits
including the Apollo program one can not help think what it would be like to be apart
of something that big. While there are many large scale accomplishments being achieved
by large groups of people, is there anything else like putting a man on the moon?
At PDC I heard how Microsoft is spending more on Longhorn than it cost to put a man
on the moon ($450,000,000) [There, this post is now on topic] I hope that NASA is
able to refocus on a large goal like heading back to the moon, or to Mars. There have
been so many spin-offs that have benefited society as a result of their efforts.




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TechEngage – Essential Tools for the unemployed.

Tech Engage is a non-profit organization 
in North Carolina with the goal of providing technology training to those that are
unemployed or under-employed in the IT industry including courses on ASP.NET and SQL
SERVER. A lot of hard work goes into this by some great people. Check it out…

– Essential Tools for the unemployed.

With a continued sluggish economy and technology jobs being
shipped overseas every day, having market-relevant technical skills is more important
than ever.  TechEngage is a non-profit organization created specifically to provide
Essential Tools that unemployed technology workers can use to improve their chances
of gaining employment in today’s rapidly changing economy.



Jim Duffy Presents DotNetNuke

Jim Duffy Presents DotNetNuke

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

7:00 PM


Tonight at the TRINUG meeting Jim Duffy presented DotNetNule,
a free content management portal.


A walk through in how simply it is to setup and administer a DotNetNuke portal. The
Triangle .Net User Group site has recently been converted over. The framework provides
a nice way to separate the site administration activities from the content entry/update


One of the cool thing that Jim went on to discuss was the creation of your own modules
for use within the portal framework. While the main portal code is in VB, you are
able to use any .Net language to extend the portal to meet your needs, with the benefit
of having built in security and administrative capabilities. Jim used DotNetNuke for
his corporate website The
coolest thing is that you can have info from the site automatically syndicated in
RSS for aggregator consumption!


A new version 2.0 is apparently on it’s way in the new future with skins and a new
data provider model.


Tonight’s meeting sponsor was SyncFusion who
provided pizza and brought some great door prizes and product samples.


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Modern Software Development in .NET using Visual Basic

Joe Hummel, PHD is currently offering
a highly enjoyable and informative 15
webcast series
on software development using .Net. This is yet another great opporunity
to learn through webcasts provided by Microsoft. Joe Hummel is
a Computer Scientist specializing in .NET training, as well as general Computer Science
education. He is a trainer for DevelopMentor, an assistant professor at Lake Forest

If anybody is interested in learning a good combination of .Net
and programming fundamentals I suggest you check this out. If you can’t make the webcasts
live, they are available afterwards for replay on demand. This is a great way to learn,
and I thank whoever it as a Microsoft that is looking after bringing us this content!

If you’re intersted in more webcasts, Microsoft
has a list
of upcoming and previously recorded events.

I better get back and listen before I miss something…

Tablet PC Postcard

After spending the last month getting to know my Tablet PC I’ve decided that I need
to make some time to start writing some code for. Moving to a Tablet has been a great
experience and has opened a world of opportunities to me.

Since the helloworld of ink seems to involve taking a picture, adding some text and
doing something with it, I’ve set my mind on creating postcards. Living some 3000
miles from the majority of my friends, family, and co-workers I always enjoy sending
images from my digital camera. So here begins my journey in ink….

Dev Days Extra Sessions

to the Prescriptive Architecture Group

has bolted an extended event to the end of DevDays on March 9th in Raleigh-Durham.
extra session is open to the public. It will run from 5:30 to 6:30 and will be at
the Marriott Durham at the Civic Center, Ballrooms 1 and 2.

A number of us from the Triangle
.Net Users Group
will be at the event promoting the group as a great information
resource to the local developer community.

Welcome Back Mr. Scoble!

Welcome back Mr. Scoble!

Robert Scoble is
one of the reasons that I started to read weblogs and eventually started my own. I
think many would agree that he is a poster child for blogging. He always seems to
come up with some real gems. To me the real value is when he applies his own experiences
of the technology industry to current events. His insights are well worth noting.

Over this time, there has been another Mr. Scoble that has been taking form. As part
of his role as a Microsoft “Evangelist” for Longhorn, he has made himself
very accessible to the community. I think that Robert by far has a better understanding
and relationship with the users of MS products. He is easily one of the most
approachable faces Microsoft has ever seen. He really seems to care about the issues
and truly gets involved with the issues that corss his desk. This s the real value,
to us and to the “New“ Microsoft, a publicly accessible, well connected
Robert Scoble.