Devdays Blog Contest

According to Scoble there is a DevDays blogging contest. DevDaysBloggers.Net will be tracking the number of blog posts from each city aggregated throught their site.   The only problem is that currently only Keynote Speaker, Developer Evangelist, Doug Turnure and I are the only two people listed for the Raleigh-Durham event. Say it isn’t so! Please […]

TechEngage – Essential Tools for the unemployed.

Tech Engage is a non-profit organization  in North Carolina with the goal of providing technology training to those that are unemployed or under-employed in the IT industry including courses on ASP.NET and SQL SERVER. A lot of hard work goes into this by some great people. Check it out… TechEngage – Essential Tools for the unemployed. […]

Modern Software Development in .NET using Visual Basic

Joe Hummel, PHD is currently offering a highly enjoyable and informative 15 webcast series on software development using .Net. This is yet another great opporunity to learn through webcasts provided by Microsoft. Joe Hummel is a Computer Scientist specializing in .NET training, as well as general Computer Science education. He is a trainer for DevelopMentor, an assistant […]