Where is all of the TabletPC sample code?

Where is all of the TabletPC sample code? Is it just me, or excluding
the SDK from Microsoft, is there very little source code floating around for creating
applications on the  Tablet PC? Just for giggles, do a
on “using Microsoft.Ink”.
You’ll likely get between 100 and 150 hits. Not to put that in perspective,
search for “using System.Windows.Forms” and take a look at the
11,000+ hits you get on that one!

Now don’t get me wrong here, Microsoft has put together a very
good SDK with some great examples, but it’s hard to find a lot more than that.
If anybody knows of some good sources of example code to learn from, please let me
know! In seeing this, one of my goals is to try and post more useful code relating
to Tablet PC development. It’s my hope also to encourage others to do the same.

Here are a few of the better links that I have found:

Stay tuned for some Ink code!

Another great MSDN event in Raleigh

On Tuesday Glen Gordon was in town
presenting a half day MSDN event Raleigh. For anybody that has never taken advantage
of one of these free events, I strongly encourage you to check one out. (Go
, tell them Rob sent you!) I can’t believe more people don’t take advantage
of these events!

The content covered included:

  • Leveraging Application Blocks in Application Development
  • Rapid Application Development Features coming in Visual Studio .Net 2005
  • XML, XQuery and CLR Integration coming in SQL Server “Yukon”
  • Introduction to SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services

There are definitely some very cool, useful, and time saving features in VS2005 and
Yukon! I was extremely glad that a good deal of the content dealt with technology
available today, that we could all take home and immediately use. Glen’s did
an excellent job of looking at the Exception Logging, Configuration, and Auto Update
application blocks. I think these are great resources for every developer. They are
great to use as-is in your apps, or to pull code out as needed for your use. Definitely
another one of those things that you’re missing out on if you haven’t looked
at them
! I hope to post some code in the next day or so with an example of how
easy it is to take and application block and build upon it.

Over on Glen’s
Blog he asks about the value
talking about “old“ (Or also
called current) vs. “New“ (Or unavailable yet) technology. I strongly
believe that we all need to keep an eye on where things are going and how we can best
prepare our code today for what’s coming tomorrow, but I think the real value
is in better understanding the “old” technology of today to help us get
more done, be more productive, and better prepared to take advantage of “New“
technology that builds on the old. Having immediate results from these events makes
them much easier to justify the time away. Keep the new coming, but as with all good
things moderation is the key!