Back from Reality

back! After a lengthy time back at the “head office” being bombarded by everything
imaginable, I’m now back home and eager to get back to my development work. Thanks
to all of those that kept in touch while I was away!

Back to reality

After spending near two weeks on a sail boat in the Caribbean with no technology other
than a GPS, it’s time to get away from “Island Time” and jump back
into the real world. One never really realizes how badly they needed a break until
after the fact. There is no better feeling than to not now what time or day it is,
and really not care that you don’t know.

Now that I’m back I have a week to get caught up and then it’s back onto
a plane to spend some time at “The Head Office”. Despite the fact of being
able to digitally commute 2500 miles to work daily, every once in a while you need
to go see what the other end of your voice over IP line and VPN tunnel look like.
My trip will actually be multi purpose. The plan is to hire some new IT staff, meet
with some clients about wireless data connectivity and mobile devices, including RIM’s
BlackBerry, PocketPC Phones, and of course the Tablet PC.

Now to figure out what I missed… What happened at TechEd? What’s in the
new VS2005 tech preview? And why haven’t you been to Channel9 yet?