More Innovative

What a day.. what a week.. heck, what a month!

Anyways, I couldn’t stop myself from sharing this blast from the past the work brought
upon me today. Remember when Windows 98 was innovative? Only 46 “Microsoft Minutes“
until I can start using those “cutting edge technologies“. (What is up
with Microsoft time anyways? How many seconds are in a MS Minute?)

It is fun to look back though. Thanks for sharing that moment.

Lingo Voice Over IP Service Expands

Primus, the US subsidiary of Primus Telecommunications Group announced that they have
expanded their Lingo Voice Over IP (VoIP) to 46 states and the District of Columbia.
Primus is currently offering “service free for the first 3-months
to encourage users to try an alternative to their conventional telephone company”

Similar to other VoIP service providers, Lingo allows you to connect your regular
telephones through an analog telephone adapter (ATA) to your high speed broadband
internet connection.

According to Primus, the benefits are VoIP are not just the price. but additional
features. According to their recent
news release
”Besides the savings, even more compelling for
many Lingo customers is the access to a group of features not typically offered by
the traditional telephone company — like voicemail to e-mail delivery, call forwarding,
and distinctive ring tones. Customers like the easy Web-based portal we provide which
allows them to tailor these features to their lifestyle, and they love the fact that
they do not pay additional charges and fees for these features. “

For more information on Lingo, visit the Primus Lingo site here.

Wifi @ The Ball Game

Just because I can, blogging from the Durham Bulls ballpark and their free wifi.

UPDATE: Nothing like sending in a blog post from a wireless PDA
at a ball park! I think the idea of wireless access at sporting events is a great
idea. No, I’m not likely going to be willing to lug my Tablet PC or laptop out to
a game, but I’ll certainly take my Pocket PC PDA. It’s great to have access to event
related information online as well as other applications like email.

The Durham
Bulls recently announced wifi capabilities
at their ball park in Durham. According
to their announcment “Wireless access is the latest and greatest
development in Internet technology, enhancing the fans’ experience by allowing
them to get real time game stats, player information and much more by accessing
through their wireless devices such as laptops, cell phones, pagers and PDAs.

It’s all about enhancing the experience!

Ken Spencer at Triangle .Net User Group

Ken Spencer
will be presenting at the Triangle .Net Usergroup meeting
on July 14th. If you are anywhere near the Raleigh-Durham area this is a must see
event! Ken is one of the finest speakers around is always an entertaining and informative
show! For more info in the meeting, or the group please drop me a note, or check out
the TRINUG web site including our new
.Net Developer Forums


07/14/04 Reflection with .NET Framework

This session will dive into the power
of Reflection with the .NET Framework. You will learn not only how powerful it is
but see several examples of why Reflection is so powerful and useful in your day to
day lives as developers and administrators.


Ken has been developing and managing application development with VB since the days
of VB 1.0 Ken spends his time these days providing input into our clients’ development
projects as a senior architect, and working with various types of technology. He spends
time with clients helping them design the architecture for new applications using
Microsoft technology. He also specializes in migrating applications of various types
to the .NET Framework. Ken also has experience with roughly 20 other languages on
a variety of operating systems.

He is a cofounder and Vice President of 2nd Genesis Software, a producer of software
to migrate Access applications to .NET. He is also cofounder of 32X Corp, a provider
of software development services.

Ken has experience developing applications with Visual Basic, Visual InterDev, Visual
Studio .NET and the .NET Framework, and BizTalk Server. Ken was the team leader on
producing the .NET Readiness training for Microsoft to roll out the .NET Framework.
Ken served on the Software Development Roundtable for .NET and has thus been involved
in the .NET Framework and Visual Studio .NET for over 2 years.

Ken has authored and co-authored numerous technical books and magazine articles. Ken
also a column for MSDN Magazine from 1996 until mid 2004.

Ken also worked with Microsoft in 2000 to create several guides for creating and hosting
applications. These guides involved a wide range of Microsoft technology and resulted
in a set of guides for both developers and hosting companies.

Ken is also a frequent speaker. He has spoken at TechEd (US and Europe), Dev Days,
PDC, Microsoft internal events, User Groups, VB Connections  

AT&T Expands VOIP Services

AT&T is expanding it’s Callvantage(tm) voice
over internet protocol (VOIP) services to more markets across the

United States

. The service is currently available in over 70 markets, including


and expanding to 100 by October.


As with many other VOIP services, AT&T
provides a hardware device known as a terminal adapter that connects your regular
telephone into your high speed broadband internet service. A 6 month promotional rate
of $19.95 per month is currently being offered.


While the Callvantage(tm) service appears
targeted primarily at residential customers, AT&T also offers a variety of VOIP
services for all sizes of businesses. More information is available through their VOIP
web site

Canadian VOIP Market Heats Up

Shaw Communications
‘s second-largest cable-TV provider recently announced a deal with telecommunications


to offer voice over internet protocol telephone services.


will be providing wholesales services including access to the public switched telephone
network (PSTN) and long distance facilities.


Canadian consumers are being offered
a variety of services in this technology area as more companies begin offering service. Vonage recently
expanded it’s service offering from the


and Primus currently offers their TalkBroadband


based Shift Networks offers services targeted at small to mid size businesses providing
telephone lines and related services over high speed internet lines.


These new services mean both increased
competition for telephone companies such as Telus and Bell Canada, but also represent
a variety of exciting features and flexibility for consumers and businesses.