Now I know where I am!


Last week I started this post, but things have been extremely busy. I know, you don’t
care, but check this out…. Feeliing a little stressed and spending way too much
time on work, I did what any respectable technology geek would do, I bought a knew
toy. However toy isn’t really the right word. No, I purchased a navigational assitant!
Visiting the local big box electronic store I found the new Streets & Trips 2005
packaged with a Microsoft branded Pharos GPS 360.

After watching myself drive home using there software, as soon as i got home I decided
to try and talk to it myself. With a little code, I was soon receiving all sorts of
good gps data with my c# app. Before long, I could extract my current location. Hmm..
what can I do with a such a point? Map Point! I little while ago I singed up for a
developer account with Map Point, but haven’t had a chance to put it through the motions
yet. Before long, I could finally loook and see where I am!

Not quite ready to share the code, but stay tuned…….

UPDATE: Streets&Trips has done an excellent job of guiding
me to the Wintellect Devscovery conference
in Atlanta. More on that next.