Will Code for Device Contest

Thom robbins has announced a contest giving
away Compact Framework devices for the best applications submitted.  I definately
want to submit something, but I’m looking for a few good ideas. Anybody got any suggestions
for Pocket PC or Smartphone applicaitons?

Trinug Patterns & Practices SIG # 2

Thanks to everybody that attended our second Patterns & Practices SIG meeting. During
the meeting we took a look at the Microsoft Data Access Application Block, reviewed
some ADO.Net best practices, and had a brief view of the Asynchronous Application
Block that Josh will be using in his code demonstrations next month.

As promised, the example source code and slides from my presentation are available
online here
. To use the sample, you must first download,
install, and COMPILE the Data Access Application Block and verify that the reference
in the demo code is good. Please forward any questions to me or post them in the SIG
forum on the TRINUG Website.

Patterns and Practices SIG: Meeting # 1

Thanks to everybody that made it out to the first meeting of our Patterns & Practices
Special Interest Group (SIG) the other night. Despite the tornado warnings and forced
evacuation of our glass conference room, I think that everybody had a very enjoyable
night and we’re all looking forward to learning as we proceed.

My notes that appear here are being fed from an RSS feed on my blog, as this seemed
to be the easiest way for me to post information to the SIG site in a way that I could
easily control and update.

As promised, I’m working on revamping my demo code for the Data Access Application
Block and will be making at available over the weekend. In the mean time I would encourage
everybody that has not yet done so to download the latest version of the DAAB (Data
Acess Application Block) from here.

More information about the Data Access Application Block is also located here.

Please go ahead an install the block and take a look at it’s sample code and applications.
Please feel free to post any questions on the comments on my blog or in our SIG forum.

Wintellect Devscovery Conference in Atlanta

As I mentioned briefly in a previous
post, I was able to attend the Wintellect Devscovery conference


. The three day event included presentations from Wintellect Speakers John Robbins,
Jeff Prosise, Jeffrey Richter, Peter DeBetta, and Jason Clark. The content covered
a broad range of topics including ASP.Net, Web Services, Custom HTTP Handlers, .Net
Security, threading, ADO.Net, TSQL, and one the most informative session I’ve been
in, a double length back to back feature on .Net Debugging by John Robbins.


John Robbins, author of “Debugging Applications
for Microsoft .Net and Microsoft Windows” led us through a series of examples demonstrating
the power of debugging tools and how they can be effectively used. This session alone
is worth the price of admission! I highly recommend his book if you do anything with
.Net code.


One of the other highlights was a “Think
Ink: Programming on the Tablet PC” session which I unfortunately missed part of due
to some “issues” at work. It was great to see the Tablet PC given some exposure at
an event like this. John had some great developer information and enthusiasm about
the potential of the platform. John mentioned the Infinotes ink control from Agilix which
adds journal style note taking capabilities to your application. Very cool and they
even have a free download of their current beta. Definitely worth checking out.


On the note of Tablet PC’s, one of the
more entertaining aspects of the conference was watching Jeffrey Richter make use
of Ink on his
new Tablet
PC during power point presentations. Let’s just say that Mr. Richter
has taking slide markups to a whole new level!


All in all, a great event. I could not
believe how many times I heard somebody in the audience say, “wow, that info alone
pays for this conference”. With it being a smaller conference, there was also amazing
access to the speakers who made themselves completely available for any questions
throughout the entire event. If there’s a Devscovery near you, go check it out!