Speaking of Patterns & Practices: Patterns & Practices Digest

Speaking of Patterns & Practices, I stumbled accross the Patterns
& Practices Digest
today. It is a “collection of the latest patterns & practices
guidance for MSDN Magazine readers”.

Contents include:

  • Reuse Best Practices at PatternShare.org
  • Give Your Applications Offline Capability With the Smart Client Offline Application
  • Explore Proven Strategies for Testing .NET Application Blocks
  • Create Performance Models for Your Applications
  • Introducing Enterprise Library

I really like the format and hope this is something they bring out regularly.

Microsoft Releases Enterprise Library

Beam me down Scotty, the Enterprise Library is here.

This new release includes the following updated application blocks together in one

Caching Application Block
Configuration Application Block
Cryptography Application Block
Data Access Application Block
Exception Handling Application Block
Logging & Instrumentation Application Block
Security Application Block

We’ll have a full report at our next TRINUG Patterns
& Practices SIG

Raleigh Code Camp 2005

Thursday is our next planning meeting for Raleigh Code Camp 2005. If you are interested
in speaking or have a topic that you would really like to help us find somebody talk
on, please let me know. I was just looking at the great lineup of talks from the Florida
Code Camp
being held in February. So many good topics. Let’s start the ideas flowing!

I hope to have registration details soon. Start spreading the word!

DasBlog Update

Thanks to Scott, Omar,
and everybody else what had a hand in getting the new version of DasBlog out. I was
a very quick and painless upgrade to the new verious with it’s many improvements.
I just wanted to say thanks for you hard work. if you’re not using DasBlog, check
it at it’s new home.


Raleigh .Net MSDN Code Camp

it’s official, we will be holding a MSDN Code Camp in Raleigh, NC on Saturday April
9th at NC State University ‘s
 College of Management facilities at Nelson Hall.

Raleigh Code Camp

The Code Camp is a community
effort to promote learning through a series of talks on a variety of topics to the
community, by the community, with content decided on through the community. Watch
for announcments on the Triange .Net User Group website regarding requests for papers
from those desiring to speak as well as registration details. Stay tuned and don’t
miss out. I hear the Florida Code Camp in February is full already and trying to make
additional room. An new information will also be posted here.


OurWords.Net – An experiment in online communities

After spending too much time thinking about some ideas I’ve had over the past
few months, I’ve finally been able to devote a few weekends and late night into
getting my blog aggregation site of the ground. After having some great chats during
and after the Blog session back at PDC and more recently the Piedmont
Bloggers Conference
held in the fall, I’ve been motivated to get these great
ideas into code before the upcoming Triangle
Bloggers Conference
being held in Chapel Hill, NC on February 12th. I tried testing
some of the stuff behind closed doors, but I’ve decided that to build a set
of tools to help build an online community, I really need to be able to test them
out in an online community and have therefore opened the doors on OurWords.net.

This site is my experimental testing grounds for aggregating content form local blog
sources in North Carolina and trying to develop ways to promote conversations and
promote traffic toward sites. It is a work in progress, but I now have a decent framework
in place to poll the local feeds and present the details in a variety of ways. I think
the real challenge before is to provide more context and help bring together like
conversations. Initially I have a number of ways to display aggregated feed contents,
an area that I will be working on much more. I have a list of “most found”
links in recent posts as well as a blog roll with recent post status details. I want
to work much more on the searching capabilities and developing an engine to recognize
hot topics and like conversations.

As I said, it’s a work in progress but I’m looking for feed back so check
it out!

A quick Thank You to some folks for sharing their code…

I would lto send out a few notes of thank you to some people for some wonderful code
and other contributions that they have shared with the online community. I higly
recommend taking a look at their blogs.

Scott Hanselman – Thank you for your IP
Blocking HttpModule Code for ASP.NET
as it helped me very quickly and painlessly
deal with some sudden referal spam issues. I now read that you are including this
in the new DasBlog code anyway which is a great idea so I’ll thank you for that now
as well.

Ed Courtenay – Thanks for post
of yours
that I stumbed accross sharing the code for your ParseDateTime function
that helped me deal with one of the many different date time formats I discovered
this weekend being used by various blog syndication formats.


Is it RSS, or is it not RSS?

While trying to follow through on New
Years resolution # 3
, I spent a good part of last night and today taking a good
close look at the various syndication feeds that various local bloggers are using
on their sites. I am truly amazed at how different the “standard” files
generated from the different blog applications out there. It’s also been very
interesting to compare the different formats that these packages are supposed to generate.
I have never seen so many different time formats in my life! Not to mention that fact
of how many people aren’t really sure which time zone they should be in.

I am however having a great time and making some good progress on a project that I’ve
been thinking about for quite some time and now seem to be finally getting some of
those thoughts turned into lines of code. I’m not quite ready to spill the beans
yet. In some ways it’s more of an experiment than a project, but I hope to be
showing it off for some limited feedback in the next couple weeks and opening it up
further in advance of the 2005
Triangle Bloggers Conference
happening in Chapel Hill on February 12, 2005.

Microsoft Release Windows AntiSpyware Software

In a move that many feel is long over due, Microsoft has
made available a beta version of their new Windows
AntiSpyware Software


The software provides an easy to install and friendly interface that both scans the
system for any current issues and provides real-time protection to prevent unwanted
future installations.

I’m glad to see Microsoft doing what it takes to make the platform more secure by
filling in void left by other products. While I’m sure there are some that will point
to this as another example of Microsoft stepping on the toes of another industry,
I think that this type of security is one the the basic functions we need to be able
to rely on an operating system not, not be forced to buy yet another add-on.

Do your part and install this on every friend and family members PC and verify that
they are running SP2 while you’re at it.

Now to go read the other CES news….