Big Blog Weekend

This weekend promises to be a busy weekend around Chapel Hill, NC. Saturday is the Triangel
Bloggers Conference
at UNC. Dave Winer will
be in town attending the event and will be getting together for brunch with
those interested on Sunday.

I’m looking forward to some comments and feedback on my Our
Words Community Blog
Project. If you haven’t been there, check it out and let
me know your thoughts.

Last night was the Community journalsim discussion with Dave Winer and Editor’s from
the News & Record in Greensboro. There is a podcast of the event available here.
My favorite is when Dave talk about Robert
being a “loose canon” and “a natural born blogger”, and what it says
about Microsoft to encourage the visibility he provides.

PatternShare – A Patterns & Practices Community Site

The Patterns and Practices group at Microsoft has just started Pattern
wiki based site for sharing patterns.

“The PatternShare community
site brings together software patterns from different authors in one place to show
relationships between existing patterns and to encourage you to contribute new ones.
By combining our efforts, the patterns community can increase pattern usage and better
meet the needs of developers and architects who use patterns. ”

Check it out here!

What is Secure, Reliable and Transacted?


Triagle .Net User Group – Feb 9, 2005 Agenda:
5:00 to 5:30 Pizza
5:30 to 5:45 Business Meeting
5:45 to 7:15 Presentation by Doug Turnure

7:15 to 7:30 Drawing for Prizes


Presenter: Doug Turnure is a Developer Evangelist with Microsoft Corporation, focusing
on .NET technologies. He serves numerous enterprise clients as a developer, author,
trainer, and occasional conference speaker. His specialties include .NET internals,
memory management, and distributed communication, although he enjoys anything pertaining
to .NET. Prior to joining Microsoft, he spent five years as an instructor and course
author with DevelopMentor and Aggelos, Inc. Doug is based in Atlanta, GA.

Topic Description: Indigo is the code name for a coming framework that will represent
the standard for service-oriented architectures on the Windows platform. This talk
will introduce the libraries, discussing both how and why to use them. It will show
the architecture for Indigo, and discuss how to move from today’s solutions to tomorrow’s
secure, reliable, transacted world.
For more info….

Under employed? Unemployed? Go to Tech Engage!

This is a great event worth checking out if you’re looking at improving your skills
to get hired.


Tech Engage 2005

The training you need… when you need
it the most.

Registration for TechEngage’s
Training Bootcamp IV is now open!

The economy and job market may be changing, but TechEngage’s mission remains
the same. We realize that even though the economy may be improving, there are still
many people that need the high quality training that TechEngage provides to jumpstart
their careers.
That is why we are excited to be able
to offer the following courses at “Training Boot Camp IV”, which will be held March
7th – 11th at North Carolina State University.

  • SAS Base Programming I & II sponsored
    by SAS 

  • Eclipse training sponsored by IBM

  • VB and ASP.NET sponsored by TakeNote

  • J2EE sponsored by JBoss

  • SQL Fundamentals sponsored by TechEngage
  • Visual Web Developer Web Server Default Port

    One of the unanswered questions from David MacNamee’s presentation at the Florida
    Code Camp as how to set a default port on the Visual Web Developer Web Server, currently
    know as webdev.webserver. I took a look at the executable itself and discovered the

    Visual Web Developer Web Server Usage:
    WebDec.WebServer /port:<port number> /path:<physical path>[/vpath<virtual

       port number:
          [Optional] An unsed port number between 1 and

       physical path:
          A valid directory name where the Web application
    is rooted

       virtual path:
          [Optional] The virtual path or application root
    in the form of ‘/<app name>’.
          The default is simply ‘/’.

    WebDev.WebServer /port:8080 /path:””c:\inetpub\wwwroot\myapp”” /vpath:””MyApp””

    You can then access the Wb applications using a URL of the form:

    No this is all fine and dandy if I wanted to maunally start it, but I don’t. So I
    kept on digging and while I didn’t see anything in Visual Stuido itself, I did disvoer
    an entry in the solution file that allows me to set the port.

     ProjectSection(WebsiteProperties) = preProject
      VWDPort = 8080

    Using a text editor to change the VWDPort value appears to let me specify my desired
    starting port which I can then map my web services to for testing.

    Florida .NET Code Camp

    The first Florida .Net Code Camp hosted by FLadotnet has
    been a huge success. The sessions I was able to hit today included:

    David MacNamee – Building Mobile Apps in a Service Oriented Environment
    Kirk Evans – WSE 2.0
    Eddy Recio, Jon
    – Leveraging the Provider Model in ASP.NET 2.0
    Tim Walton – Tales from the Server Side
    Shervin Shakibi – IIS 6.0 for Developers

    This was a great event where the biggest problem was decided which of the great
    sessions to attend. Other speakers at the event included Jason Beres, David Strommer,
    Stan Schultes, Doug Turnure, Todd Fine, Shervin Shakibi and many others. I hope to
    post some code samples and other gems soon, but first off to Russ’ Pub Club. I can’t
    wait for our Code Camp event in Raleigh


    Raleigh Code Camp Update #1

    The plans for the Raleigh Code Camp 2005 are starting to take shape. The website is
    up so you can go register. Space is limited so register sooner than later. People
    interested in speaking should download the Call For Speakers document and send in
    their info.