VS2005 “Go-Live” License coming soon?

Scott Guthrie
has a great post
with details of some of the final work and joy in getting
the Whidbey Beta 2 out the door. There definately has been a lot of work put into
this, and as much as we all want things as oon as possible, deep down I’m glad they’re
taking the time to do it right.

At the end of his post, Scott says “Along with the bits we’ll be releasing the “Go-Live”
license which means that you’ll be able to go live with production applications on
top of the beta” which means we can finally start doing some cool things on real servers!  I’m
trying to track down some real details on the Go-Live license as well as deoployment

Again, a big pat on the back to everbody involved in Whidbey!

Tech-Ed Sells Out

If you didn’t sign up, it might be too late. According to the Tech-Ed website,
it’s sold out. I think that there’s just a little bit of interest in everything that’s
going from Microsoft. I know I’m looking forward to the event.


Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 Download in progress!

After arriving home from some fun on Franklin St last night I was please to see that
the VS2005 Beta 2 bits had recently appeared on the MSDN download site. For somebody
that used to watch the bytes count while transfering files on my 2400 baud modem,
the though of downloading a 2900 MB file still makes me chuckle. Now I have 8 hours
to get some good rest, make a quick trip to the market and then the install fun begins!
Thanks VS team!

TRINUG: What’s New in Mobile Development with Visual Studio 2005

Main Meeting
-April 13, 2005

What’s New in Mobile Development with Visual Studio 2005

With all the buzz circulating about Visual Studio 2005, .NET 2.0, and SQL Server 2005,
you might have missed some advancements in creating solutions for mobile device platforms
such as Pocket PC and Smartphone. In this session, we’ll explore aspects of the .NET
Compact Framework 2.0, including new Windows Forms Controls, new control resolution
and orientation features. We’ll also look at the new features of Visual Studio 2005
that enhance the device development experience such as the new emulator and improved
debugging capabilities. Finally, we’ll examine SQL Server 2005 Mobile Edition and
the new data options for mobile applications.

Presenter BIO:

Glen Gordon

Microsoft Developer Community Champion
SouthEast District

Raleigh Code Camp

On Saturday we hosted our first CodeCamp event in Raleigh. I think that the day was
a great success and I received a lot of positive feedback from those in attendance.
If you missed it, you definately missed out of a great day of fun and learning. We
had a great mix of local speakers and those that travelled from as far away as Chicago
and Atanta to be with us. For some, it was their first time speaking in a conference
environment like this, and was a great experience. As with other Code Camps, I was
able to meet a lof ot new people! I am a big believer in the community driven focus
of code camps.

As soon as I receive slides and code samples from the presenters I will be posting
them on the www.codecamp.org website. Thanks
to all of the speakers that presented! The list includes:

Chris Dix, Clay Birch, David Elliott, Doug
, G. Andrew Duthie, Jason Storey, Jeff
, Jim Duffy, John Shipway, Josh
, Keenan Newton, Mark Hutchinson,
Mark Melsa, Maxim V. KarpovRaj
, Todd Fine, and Rob Zelt.

There’s talk already about a second event in the fall!

You Have 10021 New Messages

Without really thinking I opened an email client on a laptop that I rarely use, which it turns out is still configured to check an email account that was part of a broadband connection that was cancelled in December of 2002. Well, apparently, rather than going to the place where old discontiniued email accounts are supposed to get, this one which I had used for a good 7 years before (Initially started off as a dialup account) has found a way to stay active. A little neglected, but still active. The last 30 or so messages with warning messages that email was being rejected becuase the mailbox was full with a rapidly decreasing byte count. Amazingly enough, I don’t think there was a single message that was not some sort of spam. 10021 messages worth! Think back now, I probably shouldn’t have just delete them all as I did with great joy, but instead saved the info for some thesis on the evolution of spam. Maybe next time.

One Week to Code Camp: Don’t Miss Out!

One week from today, Saturday April 9th is the 2005 Raleigh .Net Code Camp. [LINK]

What is Code Camp? Code Camp is a free day
of Microsoft .Net related sessions, presented by speakers from within the .Net development
community, on topics areas they are experts, or interested in. Some of these speakers
are professionals, other are people with some very cool skills, ideas, and content
on topics you might not find at a major, marketing driven conference. A list of sessions
is available at www.codecamp.org/sessions.aspx

Did I mention it’s free? Any
you even get lunch! Free lunch? And .Net? What more could you add?

Fun! This event is not only full of learning, but good times and networking with other
developers in the area. Don’t miss out. To attend, please visit www.codecamp.org and
signup, but hurry as the event is almost full.

See you there!