Bloggin from the BVI

Just becuase I can, blogging from the British Virgin Islands. 10:51 AM and already it’s hot, dam hot! And now we’re off to sea! A three hour tour….. 😉

Going to CodeCamp

Friday the 13th, what better thing to do than hop on an airplane and head to Atlanta
for Code Camp
. I’m looking forward to what should be a really fun event. This
will be my 4th CodeCamp event of the year, and the third time I’ve been speaking at
the event. For anybody that attending one of my previous Tablet PC Ink Application
Development sessions, watch for my new code here soon as I have updated a number of
things including a couple of new demos.


Now for those last import work emails before boarding…..

Jim Duffy from Take Note at Trinug

Tonight our local user group was “treated” to a “inspiring” and “insightful” look
into how to “Tap Into Real World Web Services from eBay, Google, and Amazon.” by Jim
Duffy, President Take Note Technologies, local
radio personality, Dot Net Developer, INETA speaker, Trainer, and all around great
guy. (I think his intro slide was much more detailed but I ran out of time to write
down all of the things he had listed).

If you’ve never experienced a Jim Duffy presentation, I highly recommend it. Aside
from being highly enjoyable and fun filled, Jim always makes sure we learn something.
His look into web services, not so much the how, but the why, really got the ideas
flowing on how this buzzword can really be used to make a difference.

Thanks Jim!

If you’re a Microsoft Dot Net developer in the Raleigh, NC area, be sure to check
out the TRINUG user group for a list of the great
speakers that are upcoming.