Tech Ed: Day x

For anybody following my Tech Ed posts, I will hopefully be getting info from my other days up online in the near future. There were in fact many more days packed full of exciting sessions and valuable information learned. I met many great people! This was definately a worthwhile trip, hectic, yet high valuable. Unfortunately […]

The End of a Good Thing

Today marks the end of a good thing for me. Since April of 2004 I have been a very happy subscriber of the Nextel Broadband Service. This mobile data service provided broadband speeds with the flexibility of moving wireless within the coverage area. The speed was amazing, and although limited to this region the coverage […]

Tech Ed: Day -1

After a wonderfully short flight compared to my recent travels, I arrived today in Orlando for Tech Ed 05. Upon checking in at the hotel I received my first SWAG of the trip. My very 0wn bottle opener on a key chain. Just what every developer needs. I’ve heard stories of other attendees receiving goodie-boxes, […]

Josh does Code Gen

Josh has put together an excellent read on XSLT Code Generation and even includes sample code! I personally think that while code generation may not be the silver bullet for every project, it’s a area the every developer must have a good understanding of. [CODE GENERATION PART II (XSLT)]