The End of a Good Thing

Today marks the end of a good thing for me. Since April of 2004 I have been a very happy subscriber of the Nextel Broadband Service. This mobile data service provided broadband speeds with the flexibility of moving wireless within the coverage area. The speed was amazing, and although limited to this region the coverage was excellent. My understanding is that because of their merger with Sprint, and Sprints heavy investment in the slower and more expensive EVDO technology the trial has been cancelled. I find this extremely hard to believe that this product was not wildly successful, and a candidate for a national service. I guess I know how all those Beta-max users felt when the world was going VHS, despite itโ€™s technical advantages. I guess now I need to seriously consider a new Windows Mobile device that allows me to use it as a modem as well for my laptop. The service officially ends June 30th (Anybody want to by a used Flarion card?) but I will be away from the area until then. ๐Ÿ™