Blackout Hits Large Portion of L.A.

Yup…. anther adventure in LA. THis time, unlike last PDC I didn’t have to spend
10 hours or whatever it was stranded in an airport half way! However this time, I
started to wonder as intersection after intersection downtown had flashing red lights
and people trying to remember how a four way stop worked. [Now, I’m sure we’ve all
had experiences where the traffic lights have been out, and we were shocked at people’s
lack of ability to resolve the issues of a 4 way stop, well in LA, it’s much much
worse! Anyways…. Finally made it to the hotel which had just received power, oh
just lost it, oh wait, nope we have it! The officialy news from read:

”   A wide-ranging power outage, set off when a cable
was accidentally cut, darkened large sections of downtown Los Angeles and many parts
of the San Fernando Valley shortly after noon today, authorities said. “

As luck would have it, my web hosting company who is usually on the
other side of the continent from me, apparently is near by and suffered some down
time from the event. All appears well and it’s back to the business of the PDC. Going
to be stopping by an event hosted by the Wintellect and SPI folks before heading over
to and helping out with the INETA BOF (Birds Of a Feather) Sessions that are taking
place. You should go check them out! (They’re at the main conference center)


MSN Developer Center Launch at PDC?

I have funny feeling that the MSN Developer Center will be launched at PDC. Their
404 error page for the web page listed in their early add in MSDN Magazine has now
been replaced with an updated page that lists September 13th as the day.



MSN Developer Center, Where Art Thou?

Really interesting stuff in the latest MSDN magazine. So far I’m learning more from
the advertising than I am the articles.

Listed in a one page MSN branded add is the following:

MSN Developer Center

Think you know Web search? Think again. Visit the
MSN(r) Developer Center and kearn the tricks of the trade, including how to create
.NET applications that communicate with the MSN Search engine; return local results,
Instant Answers, spelling corrections, and other resultsl and enable service access
through our Provisioning System. You can also download sample applications, join our
news-groups and more!

Sounds very interesting, it’s followed by a similar paragraph about the Virtual
developer site. The only problem is that the link provided ( )
for the MSN Developer Center does not work. It’s almost as if the add beat the launch
date. Hopefully it’s soon, as this sounds worth checking out. Anybody know when? PDC?


Blogging from Vista on my M200 Tablet PC

of the items on my list of things to do before heading to PDC was to install the latest
Vista Beta available through MSDN. Today I noticed that recently the Tablet PC Input
Panel (TIP) for Vista has also been released recently, which was the final push I
needed to install the
on my Toshiba M200 Tablet PC.


I am pleased to report that the
install went amazingly well. I clicked next a few times and before I knew it, my video
card and other devices drivers were being successfully recognized and
running. One more double-click to install the TIP and
was Ink enabled on my M200. Very nice! I give the user experience of the install an


On this topic there is a very informative
advertising insert in in the October 2005 MSDN Magazine “The Evolution of Tablet PC
Technologies in Microsoft Windows Vista”. It provides some answers to many questions
on the future of the Tablet PC. When people heard that Microsoft was no longer going
to brand a Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, some worried that the Tablet PC was going
away. Others of us hoped that this meant that the features of the Tablet PC edition
functionality would just be a part of Windows, enabled when the appropriate hardware
was attached. This article explains “In Windows Vista, Tablet PC shifts into the mainstream.
Ink becomes more ubiquitous, integrating indirectly into the presentation subsystem
in Windows Presentation Foundation”


In Windows Vista, there will apparently
be three parallel technology stacks for Ink: Com, Windows Forms, and Windows Presentation
Foundation (Formerly know as Avalon). This is very exciting news for Tablet PC developers,
users, as well as every future user of Windows Vista.