Custom Profile Provider

This weekend I did some work on an ASP.Net 2.0 project that I’ve been meaning to devote
some time to because it keeps dropping off the list of important things to do. Anyways,
as part of it I needed an easy way to allow for user membership with customer profile
selections. With the Membership and Profile  providers and associated control
this was really easy to do.

Then comes step 2 where based on those profiles, at a point in time behind the scenes
I need to do a couple of things. Suddenly the quick and easy profile provider maybe
didn’t seem quite so cool with it’s serialization of information for all of the user
profile data into a single text field. Fortunately, the whole purpose of the provider
is to allow us developers to extend or replace to fit our needs.

Enter the custom profile provider. By simply deriving a class of our own from ProfileProvider
we’re off to the races. Matthew MacDonald and Mario Szpuszta provide a great example
of creating a FactoredProfileProvder in their Apress book Pro ASP.NET 2.0 in c# 2005.
Additionally Hao Kung has an ASP.Net 2.0 Table Profile Provider sample up on the ASP.NET
site [HERE].
It was great to so easily create a provider that allow me to store everything
in seperate database fields and continue as planned.  

If I come up with anything fancy I’ll post it, otherwise check out their code.

Can’t Add Windows Form – Part II

Thanks for the suggestions includiong Ioan’s suggestion
of just inheriting from the form class with my own class. I ended up going a
little further and creating a custom item template for a windows form using the Export
Template Wizard. This was good anyways because it allowed me to set some default items
of my own. For more info there are some good links:


David Hayden – Creating
Custom Item Templates in Visual Studio 2005 – Code Generation and Productivity

MSDN Mag –

I still would like to find out some way of getting
my default from back however, just to know how/where they get defined.

Can’t Add Windows Form – Bad CTP?

I’ve been playing around recently on my tablet with the January WinFX/WPF CTP’s and
having a great time. Today however I noticed somethign strange. I went to add a new
form to an existing windows forms application and I couldn’t. A regular windows
form not longer seems to be an option. I did some digging and the form template
still exists, but I can’t seem to add it. I’m hopeing somebody else may have seen
this and can offer me a solution? These must get registered somewhere…..


Deploying Applications with Click One: Advanced Topics – Web Feb 8, 2006

On Wednesday February 8, 2006 Kate Gregory will
be presenting an Advanced Click Once topic at the monthly Triangle
.Net User Group
meeting as an INETA guest speaker,
that will take us much deeper than the previous VS2005/Click Once demos
that have been shown. I’ve had the privilege of hearing Kate speak a few times
in the past and can guarantee this will be a must see event. She is an extremely knowledgeable
and enjoyable presenter. See you there!

Smart clients offer many advantages over web applications but
they must be deployed and installed on the end-user’s computer. The new ClickOnce
technology in Visual Studio 2005 and the .NET Framework 2.0 makes this much simpler
than it once was – at least in demos. What happens when ClickOnce meets the real world?
How can you combine ClickOnce with SMS, or with an MSI install that updates the registry?
How can you ensure the prerequisites for your application, including the framework
itself, are on the end-user’s computer? This talk will cover these and other advanced
ClickOnce scenarios.

Kate Gregory is the Microsoft Regional Director for Toronto and a founding partner
of Gregory Consulting Limited ( Based in Peterborough, Ontario,
Gregory Consulting provides mentoring, consulting, and development services throughout
North America, using the .NET Framework, XML, Web Services, Visual C++, Visual Basic,
C#, ASP.NET, Java, and Perl. Migration, conversion, and integration of existing applications
are a current focus. Kate is the author of numerous books, most recently Visual C++
.NET KickStart. Kate teaches (and develops courses on) .NET, XML, UML, C++, Java,
and the Internet. She has a Visual C++ column at, is an adjunct faculty
member at Trent University, serves on numerous advisory boards and has spoken at Tech
Ed USA, Tech Ed Europe, and VSLive. She serves on the executive of the Toronto .NET
Users Group and leads the East of Toronto .NET Users Group

Save the Ewok [And Rory]!

As much fun as it would be to see MSDN Evangelist Rory turn
to a diet of cheese things, I’m concerned about the Ewok. Please do your part and
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(I’m starting to wonder if the name “Tiny Things” has created somewhat of a marketing
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Windows Mobile 5.0 Podcast
? Whatever your preference, please click one and go
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