Atlas Resource List

If you’ve been working with Atlas, you’ll want to check out this list of Atlas resources
that Rick Strahl has put together here.

If you’re not familiar with Atlas (no, not the book with all the maps, but the Microsoft
AJAX framework), go visit



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A late Mix06 Recap

I’ve finally returned home from a crazy month of travel, some for work, some for me.
Some good, some.. less than good. Somewhere in the middle of it all I ended up at
the Microsoft Mix06 conference in Las Vegas. I
personally think that the conference was a huge success. it was very different that
previois MS events I have attended such as PDC and TechEd. There were many people
there who had never really seen Visual Studio, or any of the .Net related technologies
that some of us know and love. This was interesting because these were truly smart
people, that are doing amazing things with other tools such as Flash, PHP, Ruby, Perl,
etc. I found it very insightful to hear what they had to say, both good and bad about
what they saw from Microsoft. I think a few are even rethinking their current tool

Before the conference even officially started I had my first chance to see Origami,
the Microsoft codename for the new Ultra Mobile PC’s. These are slick little devices
with touch screens running the Windows XP Tablet PC operating system.

The conference officially started with the Bill Gates keynote. A little less spectacular
that I had hoped for, but it’s not everyday you get to see him speak in person so
I enjoyed it. The real highlights were hearing about the insane stats from the guys
at and their use of ASP.Net 2.0. There were some amazing WPF demos showing
off work by the BBC and Rezn8. Way cool!

With the major focus on being the web, there was a lot of attention given to Atlas.
It has certainly come along way since the first bits were given out at PDC. The latest
March CTP was released along with a Go-Love license to starting using it on production
sites. Brad Abrams/Rick
and Nikhil Kothari had
excellent sessions.

One of the nifty things along the way was the concept of LiveClipboard, recently discussed
by Ray Ozzie. There seems to be a lot of moment, and an active community building
around microformats. I hope to have a demo of my own of shortly, but until then, check
this out: LiveClipboard

A had a lof of questions answer by the Indigo team. Thanks Ami, Clemens, and Steve
for all the time and information. Access to amazing people like these is what truly
makes these events worthwhile!

There were more cool Avalon (WPF) demos than I could count. All I can say is our expectations
of what an application looks like is going to be forever changed.

It was great to see those folks that I only seem to get to talk with at conference.
Lora, Loren, Jeff, Reg, Robert, Paul, ChrisG, Trisha, Amy, Caleb, (Sorry if I missed
anybody) and also it was a pleasure to meet all you new people as well!

It was 72 hours well spent!

Jeff Prosise speaking in North Carolina

Sorry for the short notice on this, but if you’re a .Net developer in North Carolina
you’ll be interested to know that the Triangle .Net
User Group
is hosting Jeff
at a special event Monday April 3rd.

Power ASP.NET 2.0 Programing
Speaker: Jeff Prosise

By now you’ve seen the countless new features that debuted in ASP.NET 2.0. But how
well do you REALLY know ASP.NET 2.0? Let Jeff take you under the hood and show you
the cool new stuff that isn’t documented anywhere else. Among other things, you’ll
learn how to use AJAX to perform real-time screen updates, build asynchronous pages
and do asynchronous data binding, extend ASP.NET 2.0 with custom expression builders
and custom Web events, store site maps in databases, and much more. Amaze your friends
and confound your enemies with your deep knowledge of ASP.NET 2.0!



For more information pleae visit the TRINUG web site.