Goodbye Boston!


It was a good time in Boston for Tech Ed last week. Although Boston is a pretty cool
place, I must admit that it’s been my least favorite venue for Tech Ed. Don’t get
me wrong here, Boston is cool; it’s just not as conference friendly as some of the
other venues. Maybe I’m just bitter because they wouldn’t let me switch just one of
the seven TV’s off of the Red Sox game the other night to watch a little hockey! Maybe
it was the fact that transportation sucked, although the drivers on strike might have
been the major factor there. Even still, I was lucky that my hotel, (In the middle
of the bay) was close, but for many the conference was a long bus ride, or an extremely
expensive subway ride away. I’m certainly glad or their subway which quickly allowed
me to get almost anywhere for a mere $1.25

The conference however was great! As planned, I spent much of my time attending sessions
but on by the WPF (Avalon) and WCF (Indigo) teams. Let me first say, what a great
group of people these folks are! It is amazing the expertise and passion that these
teams have for their products, and the time they take to help us understand it. Both
of the teams made themselves extremely accessible in the technology lounges during
the week to answer our questions and help us understand! A special thanks to

Beatriz Costa
>, Chris
, Clements
, Kevin
, Lauren
, Robert
, Steve


You guys alone made Tech Ed worth attending!

Thank you!


TechEd 2006 Boston

As I frantically rush to gets things wrapped up, the excitment is building in advance
of attending Microsoft’s TechEd conference in Boston. I’m a huge fan of these events,
both for their educational value and from the energy that’s created when you bring
large amounts of really smart people together in one room, one very very large room!

Aside from attending any session containing the terms WCF, WPF, WWF, Mobile, CRM,
Communications Server, and the odd Exchange, IIS, Atlas session, here are a few of
the other activities I’ll be tryign to attend:

with Palermo: Tech Ed 2006 – Sat June 10th 7:30-

INETA Leadership Summit –
Sunday June 11th 9:00-1:45

Mega User Group
on Monday 6/12 from 6:30-9:30

Dop me a note if you’re in the neighborhood! See you in Boston!