Samsung Q1 has arrived!

Last week the man in the brown truck brought me
a small black box with very exciting contents, my Samsung
Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC).


What a great little device! So far I’m totally impressed with it. The out of box experience
was excellent, getting me up and running in no time. As an existing Tablet PC user,
the Q1 was a logical choice for a mobile device, especially during my trip to Germany
later this summer. It’s light weight and small size will make it an easy addition
to gear. I’ll post more on the detail of the device, but for now I want to say thanks
to Samsung for making it, and thanks to Best
for selling it!

Thanks Fred! (And others)

A whole lot of thanks need to go out to Fred Stutzman and
the rest of the BarCampRDU organizing
committee (Paul Jones, Scott Morningstar, Robbie Allen, Ryan Daigle, Terrell Russell, Jackson
)for putting on an extremely good event. Thanks to all of you! Thanks as well
to Red Hat,, 6th Sense Analytics ,The Aurora Funds, rPath, Council for Entrepreneurial Development,
and Blogads for sponsoring the event.

The energy created by brining together such a group with common, yet diverse technology
interests is amazing. I hope that was discussed by a few, that we can find a
way to get together with more of those people on a regular basis. See you next time!
(Pictures of the event can be found here!)


Weekend Plans: BarCampRDU


I’ll be spending this weeked attending BarCampRDU (@RedHat
HQ, Raleigh, NC) I’m very much looking forward to meeting more of the local geek community,
and a few geek celebs that are making a trip out for it. The session list is pretty
cool, including (But not limited to):

  • Refactoring Your WetwareAndy
    of the Pragmatic Programmers likes to talk about how your brain works. Pole-bridging,
    pragmatic learning, the Dreyfus model of skill acquisition, and even a little of Getting
    Things Done are all fair game.

  • Social NetworksFredStutzman.
    We’ll spend a session talking about Social Networking Websites, such as Myspace, Facebook
    and Linked In. We’ll look at them, figure out why people use them, and share ideas
    about how businesses can leverage social networks.

  • Open Source VOIPScott
    We will take a stock Linksys
    and install OpenWRT Linux Firmware and Milkfish Open SER implementation.
    We will set up an account with Junction
    for inbound and outbound PSTN calls. I will bring several SIP phones
    ranging from the budgetone 101 to the Cisco 7970G as well as several 802.11 wireless
    SIP phones. This is everything you need to replace your land line phone using hardware
    you probably already have. If people bring routers we can flash them up as we go.

THis session will be a good dose of non-Microsoft focussed topics for change.


Goodbye WinFX

In honor of the re-branding of WinFX to .Net 3.0 (Or NetFX 3.0 as some are picking
up on) I thought I would share this excellent poster that was so graciously (Shamelessly?) given
out at Robert Ingebretsen‘s most excellent
WPF talk at Tech Ed.


There just wasn’t enough room in the suitcase to bring it home, so this image is all
I have, but I did proudly hang it in my suite in Boston before leaving!