Thanks Fred! (And others)

A whole lot of thanks need to go out to Fred Stutzman and the rest of the BarCampRDU organizing committee (Paul Jones, Scott Morningstar, Robbie Allen, Ryan Daigle, Terrell Russell, Jackson Fox )for putting on an extremely good event. Thanks to all of you! Thanks as well to Red Hat,, 6th Sense Analytics ,The Aurora Funds, rPath, Council for Entrepreneurial Development, and Blogads for sponsoring the event. The […]

Goodbye WinFX

In honor of the re-branding of WinFX to .Net 3.0 (Or NetFX 3.0 as some are picking up on) I thought I would share this excellent poster that was so graciously (Shamelessly?) given out at Robert Ingebretsen‘s most excellent WPF talk at Tech Ed.   There just wasn’t enough room in the suitcase to bring it […]