Who broke my Internet?

Home office Internet = down
Favorite Wifi equipped Cafe Internet = up, no down, no up, no down
Favorite Wifi equipped lunch restaurant Internet = down (But oddly enough when the
Internet is down is forwards all requests to their router setup interface which still
has the default password. bad bad bad….)

So…. working through my cell phone!!! Thanks Cingular for not breaking too! And
who knew Microsoft Live Meeting would even work over it!

Windows Live Writer Beta 1

The Beta 1 release of Windows Live Writer, an offline blog authoring tool is now available
for download. [Download]
It supports a variety of blog hosts, including Das Blog. It provides a WYSIWYG editor
with a variety of helpful tools.

One of the cool features is the ability to generate and insert a  Windows Live
Local Map, such as my upcoming holiday destination…..

The timing of this is great as it will come in very handy for my upcoming trip! If
you see this entry, then posting was try as easy as clicking Publish!

MS TechEd 2006 Recorded Sessions Now Online!

If you’re like me and have been patiently waiting to see some of the sessions you missed or review others you attended but want to see again, you’ll be happy to know that the recorded sessions have been posted to the www.msteched.com website.
DVD’s are apparently on their way out soon, but for now it’s great to have this resource.
I wish there was some way these could be online by the time our planes landed on our
way home to really help drill in what we learned. (If you didn’t attend, unfortunately
you need an atendee username and password to view them, but there is lots of free
stuff on the www.virtualteched.com site!)

Considerate Wifi

As a frequent visitor of locations offering public wifi access, I see great value
in service being provided. I certainly base my choice of destinations quite often
on the availability of internet access. With freedom however comes responsibility
however, as these place are businesses who’s core business model is not to provide
internet access, and definately not for free. It’s a great value add, until it starts
to restrict their core business. I always enjoy a coffee, lunch, cookie, soda or some
sort of item, but I hear stories, and have seen a few people just taking up space,
using the free service. This hurts a business when tables are not available for paying
customers. I feel it’s sort of an unwritten rule that needs to be enforced. Having
talked to a few places without wifi, this is their primary concern. Anyways, to get
to the point, today while having lunch at Panera
, I needed to check in on a couple of issues back at the office and connected
to their free wifi (While enjoying be tastey smoked turkey sandwhich and broccoli
cheese soup!) and noticed this on their entry screen:

It’s too bad that the need to say, but I’m glad they do for those that just don’t
get it. Please be considerate when using a free wifi service.

Thanks Dr. T!

Last weeked, Tom a friend of ours, and avid glider pilot took a few of us up
for a spin. It was a blast!