WPF RC1 and a New Book

One of my goals in getting back into the swing of things after my trip is to dive
deep into the new technologies relating to Vista and .Net 3.0. Just before my return,
Release Candidate 1 (RC1) of both Vista and NetFX3 were released. I’ve finally got
things installed, and can dig in. Both the Vista install and NetFX3 upgrades on my
XP system went great.

I was gone, I also noticed that Charles Petzold’s new WPF book Applications = Code
+ Markup was also available so I had the nice folks at Amazon get one on it’s way.  Now
that I’ve had a chance to start getting back into the normal routine I’ve finally
had a chance to start digging into it. So far it appears to be a quality read, full
of great content. I’m tempted to skip ahead to some key areas, but every page seems
to have something new worth reading.

Speaking of new, Kevin Moore has updated his Bag-O-Tricks WPF samples for RC1. Thanks
Kevin! He’s even included the infamous Kevin Button shown at Tech Ed and more recently
on Channel 9. Nice!


Joe’s New Blog

Joe, our fearless leader at TRINUG has a NEW
and he’s coding up a storm on AutoDal, his reflection/attribute based Data
Access Layer.

…I really need to post some code one of these days…..

Tablet PC: The InkAnalysis API

According to Gavin:

Tablet PC:
The InkAnalysis API has RTM’d and the download is LIVE!

“new InkAnalysis API which integrates layout analysis with handwriting recognition
(and exposes new capabilities and features). So far, I’ve pointed developers to the
“Windows Vista SDK for RC1” to install the InkAnalysis API. I’m very excited to announce
that the InkAnalysis API has now RTM’d and can be installed via the new addendum
to the last  Tablet PC Platform SDK (1.7). This new release is called the “Input
Supplement” and its version is 1.7.5.”

Back In Town

After an amazing three weeks running around Germany, it’s time to come back to reality
and return to the normal routine. Well.. almost the normal routine. Traveling and
time away from work for lengthy periods of time is much needed, and provides a great
opportunity to reflect on life, and changes on should make. As the sun sets on my
trip, I believe it is just the beginning for the opportunities ahead.