T-Mobile Dash

T-Mobile has apparently release a very cool new Windows Mobile 5.0 device called the
Dash. I haven’t had one in my hands, but the device looks more natural than devices
like the Q.

Look like a nice form factor. More information is available here and here.

Vista (WPF) Will Change Applications

I’ve been saying this to a lot of people lately, that Vista (More specifically the
Windows Presentation Foundation technology being released at the same time 
as part of .Net 3.0 which comes on Vista, but can be installed on WinXP systems as
well). There is a great opportunity for developers, designers, and develosigners to
create new applications like we have never seen before, creating user interfaces,
or more specifically user experiences that make more sense for the application than
the structured GUI’s we’ve been accustomed to.

Loren shows
a great example of this in a project of his that incorporates WPF and Tablet PC technologies.

“with the release of Windows Presentation Foundation
(WPF), the time is right. The technologies it provides are a great match for what
we’re trying to accomplish and they provide a wonderful experience for the user/reader.”

Hey Gamers, Developers, and Everybody In Between

On Wednesday November 8, 2006 our favorite sharer of cool technology, Glen Gordon
will be presenting on Microsoft’s new XNA Game Studio. If you’ve always wanted to
make that wicked gamed idea come true, or just need a break from “real” work, check
it out.

Details from Joe’s Blog:

XNA is Coming to TRINUG

Glen Gordon is coming to talk about XNA
Game Studio Express
at TRINUG for the November
8th general meeting.  It looks like it is going to be an awesome technology. 
Based on Visual C# Express, it will allow anyone to develop 3D games that target both
Windows and the Xbox 360 — and here’s the good part — with free tools!!! 
To develop/debug/play games on the Xbox 360 requires a subscription to the XNA Creator’s
Club at a cost of $99/year or $49 for 4 months.  But, did I mention, the tools
are FREE!!!  If you are in the neighborhood, come out and listen to Glen at TRINUG
and see what XNA is all about.

Hockey Night In Carolina

I’m so happy! After a long, hot summer, hockey is back! We went early, we grilled
some brat’s, had a few “pops” and then went in and watch the ‘Canes raise their Stanley
Cup Chamions banner. Then they lost in a shootout after OT, but it was great!