i-mate Releases Windows Vista SideShow Debugger

i-mate has just announced a Windows Vista SideShow
debugging tool. More information is available in their forums post here and
you can download the debugger from: http://www.clubimate.com/t-WINGADRV.aspx

According to their post “This debugger also serves as a sneak preview
of the functionality to be available in upcoming i-mate Mobile Devices and the anticipated
Momento Digital Photo Frame Version 2.  Therefore, any gadgets that are compatible
with the debugger are sure to work on future i-mate devices.”

It’s great to see them supporting SideShow on their already very cool Momento and Ultimate devices!

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Tech Ed 2007 – Birds of a Feather Sessions

If you’ve ever attended a Tech Ed conference, and are planning on attending the years Microsoft’s
Tech Ed conference
 on Orlando, you know how great the INETA sponsored Birds
of a Feather sessions are. If you’re not familiar with them, they are a great opportunity
to bring people together with common interest in a particular topic. They may bring
together a group of experts, a group of beginners, or a mix of them all willing to
share and exchange ideas.

They key to this is that the topics come from the community! Which is why it’s very
important that your voice is heard. If you have a session you would like to see, submit.
If you want to vote on which of the submitted topics should be ensured a room, you
need to go vote on the sessions.

Submit Birds-of-a-Feather topic
ideas now

Vote for Birds-of-a-Feather topics

More information and voting is here.

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I-Mate Momento 70

I love it when the man in the brown truck brings
me things! This week my I-Mate Momento 70 digital
picture frame arrived. I had been holding out for the 10″ Momento
, but after continued delays and Amazon having stock of the slightly smaller
Momento 70’s I decided to switch my order.

As with other I-Mate products that I have purchased, the product was packaged very
nicely, and was easy to setup. Within minutes I had the device configured on my wireless
network and feeding pictures from a PC find a permanent home for it on the mantle.


 Now let’s write some code to talk to this thing….

Roanoke Code Camp

Today Chris Love and I spent the
day up at the Roanoke Valley .Net User Group’s first
(anual?) Code Camp in Roanoke, Va. Code Camp’s are great. If you have never been to
one, go find one near you and attend. If there’s not one near you, organize one!

The day conisisted of 4 tracks which included Web, Data, Framework and Process/Design.
Presenters included local group memebers as well as others from places like Raleigh,
Greensboro, Richmond, and elsewhere.

I attended the following:

  • .NET 2.0 Tips and Tricks – Ashton Hobbs

  • Reflection & Dynamic Assemblies – Will Ashley

  • AJAX – Chris Atienza

  • Introduction to WCF and differences b/w WCF and ASMX Web Services – Manny Siddiqui

  • Applying Layered Architecture to Asp.Net – Gustin Prudner

Congrats Robin and team for putting
on an outstanding event! See you in 2008!


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