Made it to MIX07


After getting up WAY TO EARLY and spending some quality time in an airplane I’m happy
to have made to mix. I was suprised how helpful the “locals” at the Venetian Hotel
were to find it! Now to find Expression and Silverlight!



Only Hours Until MIX07

In less than 24 hours I will be on an airplane heading towards Las Vegas to attend
Mix07, the Microsoft conference that brings together the pocket protectors, turtle
necks, and suits (Developers, Designers, and Business Decision Makers) of the world
to discuss the future technology of the web and hear from “some of the most successful
and innovative practitioners on the Web”.

If you’re not able to attend MIX07 which sold out early, be sure to pay attention
to the website:

VisitMIX from Home!

“Starting on Monday morning, we’re going to be updating this page continually
– people at home will be able to see all of the news, fun, live keynotes, sessions
and partner demos coming out of the show.”

As I’ve said before, I’m really looking forward to MIX07. MIX06 was great, and provided
me with a lot of inspiration to dig into the new technologues of WPF, WCF, and AJAX.
It also opened my eyes to a world of opportunities developing for Media Center.

I truly think that WPF and Silverlight are going to positively change the status quo
in computing today, allowing us as developers to truly write software that people
love. And I’m not just talking about flashy special effects programs with little core
value, but to allow us to really focus on make user interaction truly makes sense
for a given task.

One of the many sessions I’m looking forward to is Scott Stanfield from Vertigo Software
taking dive into their new WPF reference application Family.Show that
was developed for Microsoft.


Family.Show Screen Shot



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CodeCampRDU – Saturday June 23, 2007

The Triangle .Net User Group leadership (
has just announced CodeCampRDU that we will be holding a Code Camp in the Raleigh
Durham area of central North Carolina on Saturday June 23, 2007. If you’re interested
in seeing some of the best and brightest of the local .Net Developer Community, this
is a must attend event!

CodeCampRDU - June 23, 2007

More information on the Raleigh Code Camp event is available at .
We are currently accepted speaker proposals and working with organizations wishing
to contribute to the event which will be held at the ECPI campus in Raleigh.

Attendee registration is not yet open, but be sure to visit the site to subscribe
to the RSS news feed


Keeping Track Of Silverlight

The community site for Silverlight will go live (or “light up”) on April 30th at

At this time it also sounds like like a beta (Updated from the Feb CTP of WPF/E) will
be released in conjuntion with Mix07.

A few Microsoft blog posts to pay attention to:

Microsoft Silverlight

10 Questions about Silverlight and Media

Microsoft Silverlight

Expression Media Encoder

AGhost.. hiw did we miss that!?

Also keep and eye on the office site:

Yep…. Mix is gonna be fun!


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WPF/E: AKA Silverlight

With the rollout of a new website, Micrososft shares more of the vision.

“Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering
the next generation of media experiences and rich interactive applications (RIAs)
for the Web.”


I look forward to MIX07 as more details are announced:

from Soma’s
: “Silverlight announcement at NAB is only part of the story,
the rest will be unveiled at MIX including details about how Silverlight is a core
component of Microsoft’s broader .NET platform. Keep your eyes on Mix07 as part of
and Scott
keynote – be sure to check it out. “


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14 Sleeps Until Mix07

According to my countdown gadgets it’s an amazing 14 days until Mix07 (and only 49
days until Tech Ed!) I’m really looking forward to the conference conversation
this year. Last year was an amazing event, very different from the other Tech Ed and
PDC conferences that Microsoft hosts.

If you’re not registered, it’s too late as the event has long sold out. Everybody
can keep track of things though through the web
site. It sounds like they are going to get a bunch of conference info online in [near]
real time.

I’m very much looking forward to the latest on the WPF, WPF/E, AJAX, and Media Center
fronts. So far my must see list of sessions includes:

  • “Family.Show”: I See Dead People, with Windows Presentation
    : Scott Stanfield – Vertigo
  • “ZAP!, WHAM!, KAPOW!”: Windows Presentation Foundation and
    the Next Generation of Online Comic Book Reading
    : Nathan Dunlap – IdentityMine,
    Robby Ingebretsen – IdentityMine
  • Booyah! Designing and Developing Line-of-Business Applications
    That SIZZLE
    : Nathan Dunlap – IdentityMine, Darren Laybourn – Microsoft, Josh
    Wagoner – IdentityMine
  • Ink for Designers and Developers: Sam Geroge – Microsoft
  • Just Glue It! Dynamic Languages in “WPF/E”: Jim Hugunin
    – Microsoft, John Lam – Microsoft
  • The Emotion of Customer Experience: Lou Carbone –
    Experience Engineering
  • Lessons Learned: Designer/Developer Productivity in Windows
    Presentation Foundation
    : Jonathan Russ – IdentityMine, Josh Wagoner – IdentityMine
  • Building “WPF/E” Applications Using .NET: Jamie Cool
    – Microsoft, Nick Kramer – Microsoft
  • Creating and Delivering Rich Media and Video on the Web with
    “WPF/E”, Microsoft Expression Studio, and Windows Server Codename “Longhorn”
    Brad Abrams – Microsoft, James Clarke – Microsoft, Chris Knowlton – Microsoft
  • Deep Dive on “WPF/E” Media Integration: Mike Harsh
    – Microsoft
  • Design in Motion: Video Production Workflow: Ben Waggoner
    – Microsoft
  • Developing ASP.NET AJAX Controls with “WPF/E”: Nikhil
    Kothari – Microsoft
  • Go Deep with AJAX: Matt Gibbs – Microsoft, Jeff Prosise
    – Wintellect LLC
  • Yahoo! on Microsoft .NET 3.0 and Microsoft Expression: Eric
    Burke – Yahoo!, Josh Jacobson – Yahoo!

I think I might need more than 72 hours!



TRINUG April Recap – Brian Hitney

Brian Hitney At Trinug Meeting

This month our feature speaker at the Triangle .Net User Group (
was Brian Hitney, our favorite local Microsoft DE. We’ve all heard a lot about Vista’s
new wiz-bang features like Aero GUI, .Net 3.0, IIS7 and other exciting stuff, but
Brian dug deep and took as on a guided tour of changes to the kernel in Vista.
The presentation was great. Even convinced me to turn UAC back on!

We also had a number of people promoting job opportunities to group, most exciting
of which was Galen from Veracity Solutions was
in town promoting a number of WPF opportunities in the area. It’s cool to see people
specifically asking for skills that we have been working so hard on learning. Great
inspiration to keep up on the learning front. If you’re interested, check their web
sire or drop me a note for contact info.


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