CodeCampRDU – Registration Is Open!

Campers pack your bags! Registration for CodeCampRDU is now open! To register to attend
our Summer 2007 Code Camp in Raleigh, NC please visit the Code Camp website at

This free, day long training event hosted by the Triangle
.Net User Group
includes breakfast thanks to Telerik and lunch
from our good friends at YohIT in Raleigh. There will be many great
give away’s during the day from a variety of sponsors as well.

The session list looks great, with some terrific local speakers as well as some notable
guests from out of town. The list so far looks like:

  • .NET 3.5 and LINQ – Ashton Hobbs

  • Adding Compression, Encryption and Hashing to Your .NET Applications – Rod

  • AJAX – Creating a Virtual Earth Feed with Ajax and Silverlight – Jeremy Brown

  • Building a better Updater for WinForms Client Applications – Chris Dix

  • Content Query Web Part and the Data View Web Part in SharePoint 2007 using Microsoft
    Sharepoint Designer – Bob Gusek

  • Creating Casual Games Using WPF – Rod Paddock

  • DNN – David Wendelken

  • Extending the CSLA Framework: Standard Business Rule Libraries and Built-in Business
    Rule Documentation – David Wendelken

  • Layered Architecture 101 – Greg Pugh

  • Real World Click Once – Craig Adams

  • Sharepoint Workflow Development – Josh Carlisle

  • SQL Server Integration Services for SQL Server 2005 – Charles Asbornsen

  • SQL Server Performance Analysis and Tuning Potluck Session – Kevin Boles

  • Web Part Development – Josh Carlisle

  • Web site architecture – Diane Wilson

  • Website Security – Steve Jackle

  • Windows CardSpace – Brain Hitney

  • Windows Work Flow – Mark Dunn

  • WPF Controls: Styles, Templates, and Custom Layouts – Rob Zelt

  • Write Better Code Using the Refactoring Tools in Visual Basic 2005 – Jim Duffy

We fully expect this event to sell out (Since it’s a free event I guess reach capacity
is more accurate) so please be sure to register early if you are planning to attend.
(Especially if you’re one of those people that missed our last Code Camp and have
been complaining about the great event you missed out on ever since!)



MIX07 Wrap Up

MIX07 has come and gone, and I can hardly wait until MIX08. It was great to see some
of those old “conference friends” that I only get to see at events like this. The
event also allowed me the opportunity to meet many more new contacts! Thanks to everybody
that took the time to stop, chat, and share your expertise.

If you have been following the news from the event, you will know that the announcements
were simply stunning. The buzz generated by Silverlight was unreal. To hear so many
experts in the industry talking about how this changes the web was surreal. There
is no doubt that Microsoft has a RIA (Rich Internet Application) strategy and they
are executing it with skill. Look out web!

Ya, ya.. It’s great that it runs on a Mac. Yes to be clear, the Silverlight .Net CLR
now runs cross browser/cross platform on the Mac. What I find most impressive however
is how they have brought so many of these new technologies together in one “developer
ecosystem”. That’s the part that I really think the nay sayers don’t get, is what
that means to be able to develop the server, desktop (tablet, umpc), client (web,
mobile device.. ) all using the same tools, the same languages. It’s about productivity,
scalability, and reliability.

As a developer that has been investing heavily in learning the new world of WPF, WCF,
and AJAX, this has been a great validation that those efforts are worth while.

As for Mix…..

My absolute favorite session was the very last session of the conference, Kevin
XD009 – Windows Presentation Foundation for Developers (Part 2 of the
talk that Rob Relyea started which is
darn good too!) (Video of the session is available here)
We hear so much about designers these days, and developer designer work flow, you
wonder if the role of the developer is getting lost. Well Kevin clearly shows why
“Developers Still Matter”. First, I need to say that there are few things more exciting
than hearing somebody present on a topic they are truly passionate about. For Kevin,
WPF is obviously more than just a job. His session shows how developers can create
code to work for better for designers (or developers) working with it from XAML, but
also goes on to show how much further a developer can take things. Kevin has updated
his “Bag of
” samples which continue to be one of the best reference samples out
there for WPF.

Also on the last day, a conference just would not be complete without hearing Don
Box. Steve Maine and Don Box held court
to a packed house for their “Navigating the Programmable Web” talk, a deep dive into
“GET”. (Why does Don always need a “code monkey”? Can’t he type?) The showed some
coolness with the new UriTemplate class that at the time was soon to be released,
but has now been released as part of the new Biztalk
  (That apparently isn’t only about Biztalk). To remain cool and in the
spirit of MIX, they did code their demo using a WPF app. (But didn’t use WPF to host
their WCF service. Slackers! 😉

Other highlights were the sessions by Robby
and the Identity Mine crew (If you do WPF, Blendables are
a must see!), Scott Stanfield from Vertigo and their Family.Show reference
app, and last but not least on my favorites list was Sam George in his Ink on the
Web using Silverlight talk. Way cool!

If you didn’t make MIX07, or did and couldn’t attend all of the sessions you wanted
to, the videos are all online at


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Microsoft® Silverlight™ Streaming Service

One of the very many cool announcements from Microsoft MIX07 is the Microsoft® Silverlight™
Streaming Service available at .
In a nut shell, it gives you 4gb of space to stream media from! Officially…

“Microsoft® Silverlightâ„¢ Streaming by Windows Liveâ„¢ is a companion
service for Silverlight that makes it easier for developers and designers to deliver
and scale rich media as part of their Silverlight applications. The service offers
web designers and developers a free and convenient solution for hosting and streaming
cross-platform, cross-browser media experiences and rich interactive applications
that run on Windows™ and Mac. Combined with the ability to create content with Microsoft®
Expression Studio and other 3rd party tools, Web designers and content publishers
wishing to integrate Silverlight applications into their online properties can enjoy
complete control of the end user experience.”

This is a great way to get started with media for Silverlight without having to store
the content. This service works hand in hand with Microsoft Expression Media Encoder
as well. If you’re doing, or thinking of doing video on the web, this is a must see.


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