Silverlight Training

The great folks at Dunn Training and Consulting in Atlanta have just announced their first 3 day Silverlight training workshop. The agenda for the event looks pretty thorough, including content on both Silverlight 1.0 and Silverlight 1.1 (Now Silverlight 2.0). If you or your team wants to get a step ahead on Silverlight, check it […]

Silverlight Flip Tile Demo

Inspired by Kevin Moore’s WPF FlipTile3D Bag-Of-Tricks demo from Mix I decided to play around with a Silverlight version of rotating canvas transforms based on mouse positions. The math still needs a little work on the close proximity movement. The demo is available at and the source is available here       Technorati […]

TRINUG Silverlight Demo

My first Silverlight 1.0 demo application created from scratch is now up and running. In a simple start, I’ve taken our Triangle .Net User Group logo, converted it to XAML and animated it when you MouseOver each of the letters.   Try it out at   You can download the source here   Technorati tags: Silverlight

MIX07 Wrap Up

MIX07 has come and gone, and I can hardly wait until MIX08. It was great to see some of those old “conference friends” that I only get to see at events like this. The event also allowed me the opportunity to meet many more new contacts! Thanks to everybody that took the time to stop, […]

Microsoft® Silverlight™ Streaming Service

One of the very many cool announcements from Microsoft MIX07 is the Microsoft® Silverlight™ Streaming Service available at . In a nut shell, it gives you 4gb of space to stream media from! Officially… “Microsoft® Silverlight™ Streaming by Windows Live™ is a companion service for Silverlight that makes it easier for developers and designers to […]