The Silverlight Tour – Silverlight Training

If you’re looking to get some great hands on Silverlight training, Wildermuth
in cooperation with Dunn Training is
bringing Shawn Wildermuth‘s Three Day Silverlight
Workshop to a city near you!

image “This
includes learning the ins and outs of XAML, hosting in the browser, the tools and
using Silverlight on the server. The class utilizes Silverlight 1.0 and Silverlight
1.1 Alpha as well as the latest toolset from Microsoft (including Visual Studio 2008
Beta 2 (Orcas) and Expression Studio).”

Tell them Rob sent you! 😉

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INETA Speaker Bureau Grows!

Congratulations to all of the new speakers that have been added to the INETA Speaker

Caleb Jenkins
Daniel Egan

David Yack

Don Demsak

J. Ambrose Little
Jeffrey Palermo

John Papa

Kevin McNeish

Mark Dunn

Mark Michaelis

Mark Miller

Markus Egger

Nickolas Landry

Rod Paddock

Todd C. Bleeker

Watch for these talented individuals presenting at an INETA user
group near you! More info is available in the September
INETA Newsletter

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Delivering Parameterized Silverlight Content with ASP.NET – Silverlight.Net Sample

At last nights Triangle .Net User Group meeting, during the opening code sharing session
I showed one of the demos from site.
(If you are doing anything with Silverlight, or wanting to understand more of what
Silverlight can do this site is a must!)

One of the videos posted by Laurence
shows the use of using query string parameters to generate dynamic Silverlight
XAML. There is a VIDEO and the original sample here:

I modified the original demo to also dynamically modify an image control to display
the appropriate flag of the country of the customer queried from the NorthWind database.

To do this I simply added an image tag and placeholder information to the XAML template:

<Image x:Name="imgCountry" Source="images/ms.jpg" Width="155" Height="155" Canvas.Left="8" Canvas.Top="72">

I then modified the code in the data.aspx.cs file to include:

xNode = xmlDoc.SelectSingleNode("//d:Image[@x:Name='imgCountry']",
mng); xNode.Attributes["Source"].Value = "images/" +
myReader["Country"].ToString() + ".jpg";


These changes instruct the Silverlight template to point to the appropriate flag image.
I downloaded a number of flag images from wikipedia.

I further modified the XAML template to include a basic animation of the flag that
results in the following (XAML template is here)


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September 11 / WTC


I do not want us to dwell, but we should never forget. I took this picture at the
ExpressionSession event held in NYC back in January high above the World Trade Center
site. Seeing the void in the city skyline is powerful. My heart goes out to all of
those that have a void in their lives because of that day.