Karl Shifflett: Authoring WPF Custom Controls

The energy level is going to be through the roof in November when WPF Fanatic Karl
Shifflett arrives at the Triangle .Net User Group (TRINUG)
for his presentation on Authoring WPF Custom Controls on Wed November 14, 2007. If
you are interested in WPF, and want so see some examples of it’s power in real world
applications come check it out.


Authoring WPF Custom Controls
Karl Shifflett
Blog: http://karlshifflett.wordpress.com

When Microsoft released the .NET Framework, they really energized and radically expanded
the toolset available to developers. The .NET 3.0 Framework is no exception to this

In this presentation we will explore the steps required to build and consume
lookless WPF Custom Controls that expose Dependency Properties and Routed Events. 
The sample code includes a WPF CheckListBox and HyperLink control (that is not dependent
on the FlowDocument, Page or TextBlock controls) along with a WPF application demonstrating
their use.

visit www.trinug.org for more info!


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VS 2008 VPC Images to Expire Early




  • Visual Studio Team System 2008 Beta
    2 Team Suite VPC

  • Visual Studio Team System 2008 Beta
    2 Team Suite & Team Foundation Server VPC

    Just a heads up that if you are working with one of the VS2008 Beta 2 VPC images,
    they will expire on November 1, 2007. You will need to backup and files you want to
    keep outside of the VPC before then or risk loosing your work. It sounds like Microsoft
    will be posting new images soon. Please spread the word.


    The official information is available here.
    Official text:


    • The VPC downloads listed above will expire on November 1, 2007, which is earlier
      than anticipated. It is important that you backup or move any data to a new location
      before that date. To move Team Foundation Server data, see Moving
      Team Foundation Server
      . New VPC images will be posted as soon as they are available.
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    Thanks RDAUG

    I just wanted to thank Ben and everybody else from the Raleigh Adobe User Group tonight
    for inviting me in to speak on Silverlight. It was a interesting to hear your questions
    and get your perspectives on the whole RIA space and have informed comments on both
    sides of the Flash,Flex/ Silverlight camps.

    In honor of the event I have posted a special Silverlight
    version of the RDAUG
    logo in XAML as shown in my demo. Enjoy: 



    If you’re interested in Flex, Flash, and other Adobe products check out the groups website for
    a list of future meetings. They’re also looking for some meeting space if anybody
    around can help them out.

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    Popfly Goes Public Beta

    Microsoft Popfly Welcome to Popfly!

    Last week Microsoft opened the Popfly Beta site up to the public. Popfly is a “fun
    and easy way to build and share mashups, gadgets, and Web pages”. Basically it provides
    you with an online Silverlight based visual development environment that includes
    a variety of building blocks that you can use to build your own creations. Check it
    out: http://www.popfly.ms

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    Chris Menegay Visits TRINUG

    INETA Speaker Bureau Speaker Chris Menegay stopped by TRINUG to
    present on Visual Studio Team System Futures. (Ironic that somebody from Texas
    away comes to show us something being build within a couple miles of here. Anybody
    from the local VSTS team want to come show us more?)

    Chris provided a great look into new things coming in the next version, while at the
    same time introducing us to things in the current version that we had not all seen
    (Well, at least I learned a couple of new things!)

    We’re all curios to find out what Omar did to his VPC image though! 😉

    Thanks Chris, it was a great presentation.

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    Russ Fustino on ‘It’s All About The Tools’

    The Triangle .NET User Group will be hosting a special meeting, with extra special
    guest Russ Fustino on Thursday October 18, 2007. The event will be in the evening,
    following the afternoon MSDN presentation
    Russ is giving near by. For more information and registration [YES,
    visit the TRINUG Website


    Russ Fustino
    Blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/rfustino/

    Me and the 9 Guy

    Last week I was able to spend some time at
    Microsoft in Redmond. I just couldn’t resist a photo op with the “9 Guy”. If you haven’t
    taken a look at Channel 9,
    you’re missing out on the great content Jeff and
    the gang are putting together.

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    Southern California INETA Community Leadership Summit

    On Saturday Oct 29th I was fortunate to participate in the Southern California INETA
    Community Leadership Summit
    . The event brought together influential leadership
    team members from the local Microsoft .NET user group community.  


    The event was hosted at QucikStart’s
    facility and was sponsored by Microsoft and Verio.
    it was a great opportunity to discuss common problems and share ideas on creating
    stronger user group communities. 

    If you’re interested in seeing one of these events put together for you region, please
    drop me a note.

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