Target ASP.NET AJAX 2.0 with VS 2008

One of the biggest complaints of heard the the past from developers when new versions
of Visual Studio comes out is that the can not take advantage of the new IDE because
their company/project is still using the previous version of the .NET Framework.

A major step that was taken in Visual Studio was to separate the IDE from the framework.
This means you can use the goodness of VS2008 on existing 2.0 projects. Brad
Abrams links
to the ASP.NET Ajax 2.0 templates that you can install in VS2008
or create new web projects targeting 2.0.

Don’t let framework adoption rates prevent you from using the great new features in

ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions Preview

Tonight Microsoft took the covers off of the new ASP.NET
3.5 Extensions Preview
and the ASP.NET
MVC Toolkit



While I’m extremely excited by the new ASP.NET MVC (Model View Controller) I could
not overlook the Silverlight Controls for ASP.NET that make it easy to integrate the
rich behavior of Silverlight into a web application. It provides an updated MediaPlayer
Server Control  and Silverlight Server control.

The MediaPlayer Server Control allows you to integrate media sources into your web
project without any knowledge of XAML or Javascript using pre-built skins, or by referencing
custom XAML skins.

<asp:MediaPlayer runat="server" AutoPlay="true|false" ScaleMode="None|Zoom|Stretch" EnableCaptions="true|false" Height="height" MediaSkin="skinName" MediaSource="URL" Muted="true|false" PlaceholderImageSource="URL" PluginBackColor="color" Volume="volume" Width="width" OnClientChapterStarted="functionName" OnClientCurrentStateChanged="functionName" OnClientMarkerReached ="functionName" OnClientMediaEnded ="functionName" OnClientMediaFailed ="functionName" OnClientMediaOpened ="functionName" OnClientVolumeChanged="functionName" <Chapters> <asp:MediaChapter Position="index" Title="title" ThumbnailImageSource="URL" /> </Chapters> </asp:media>

The Silverllight Server Control allows you to reference your own XAML. The control
also references client JavaScript files associated with the XAML.


<asp:Silverlight runat="server" ClientType="ClientType" EnableHtmlAccess="true|false" EnableFrameRateCounter="true|false" EnableRedrawRegios="true|false" InitParamsters="parameters" InstallationMode="None|Inline|Linked" MaxFrameRate="rate" PluginBackColor="color" Source="XamlSource" Version="version" Windowless="true|false" ScaleMode="None|Zoom|Stretch" OnClientPluginError="functionName" OnClientPluginResized="functionName" OnClientPluginLoaded="functionName" OnClientPluginFullScreenChanged ="functionName" </asp:Silverlight>


More on this later… now onto the MVC…

Mole 2 – Visual Studio Visualizer for WPF

Karl sent me a note a little while ago and I’ve been meaning to blog about this, but
in the mean time I think Karl has gone without sleep since then and along with Josh
Smith has already rolled out Mole version 2! You can get it HERE

Mole 2 is

“a high performance, full featured, multifunction visualizer that allows
in-depth inspection of the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) visual and logical
trees. For each element in the visual or logical tree the developer can view all properties,
visual image, run-time XAML or IEnumerable collection data.”

If you work with WPF this, Mole is a thing of beauty! ( I wonder it would take to
do this for Silverlight? )




Great work guys! For more info please see

2008: Year of the Microsoft Conference

According to the Chinese Zodiac calendar 2008 is the year of the rat, but if you ask
me it should be called the year of the Microsoft conference.

Starting in March, just after the official launch of VS2008, Windows Server 2008,
and SQL Server 2008, MIX08 is
scheduled to take place in Las Vegas March 5-7 at the snazzy Venetian Resort Hotel


According to recent announcements by Scott Guthrie, MIX08 will likely be the the big
event for Silverlight 2.0 hitting the streets in a Beta with GO-Live licensing. This
is definitely the “What’s Next on the Web” conference. This will be the third year
in a row for MIX.

In June, down in Orlando Tech·Ed 2008 will take on a new look, extending into a two
week event featuring separate back to back developer and IT professional conferences.
(Developers June 3-6 and IT Pro’s June 10-13). Tech-Ed is the most “Here and Now”
event, focusing on doing real work released products and technologies, covering the
complete spectrum. It’s going to be interesting how the splitting of the two crowds
changes the event, and how this will impact some of the technologies that sort of
fall in the middle. Many in the Sharepoint community are not too happy with the decision,
but we’ll see how it goes.

2008 will also feature PDC, the Microsoft
Professional Developers conference in Los Angeles. PDC only happens every few years,
usually providing developers with an early look in new technologies that will take
shape over the follow years. PDC05 and PDC07 previewed gave developers early looks
at VS2005, Windows Vista, and .Net 3.0 (WPF, WCF, WF).


I like to compare PDC and Tech-Ed by saying that Tech-Ed is where you go to learn
about technologies and PDC is where you go to see the things that you’re going to
have to learn in the times ahead to stay on top of things.

I if I had to choose only to attend PDC would be my first choice, followed my MIX
and then Tech-Ed. (That’s assuming that I was only allowed to choose from Microsoft
host events and not things like Dev Connections and VS
, then it would depend…)

Bottom line is that 2008 is going to be a very exciting year in dev land!

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VS2008 [Un]InstallFest

If you’re planning on participating in the TRINUG VS2008
InstallFest later this month, please be certain to have completely UN-installed any
VS2008/.Net 3.5 prerelease software that you may have installed on your computer. Scott
has a blog
post with a good list and order to go through to uninstall

Microsoft DE (And all around nice guy) Joe
Healy also has a list
, which includes a few notes on what do do if things don’t
go smoothly.

I personally had no issues following Scott’s list and am now happily running VS2008
and .Net 3.5.

** Just a note that we’ve pretty much reached our capacity for the TRINUG event. We
are using a waiting list so please feel free to sign up and we’ll let you know if
a spot opens up. (If you are not going to be able to attend please let us know as
well. You must be present to participate in the offer)