Silverligth on the Desktop with "Desklighter"

The innovative minds over at Identity
have release a beta of Desklighter,
their utility as part of their Blendables product
family to create Silverlight applications that run outside of the browser.


“Desklighter is a windows utility that will create a “Desklight” from Silverlight
xap file. The Desklight is a standalone exe application that renders Silverlight content
that is easily portable and accessible. With Desklighter, you can share your Silverlight
applications without having to worry about the hosting infrastructure. Distribute
your Silverlight content whenever and wherever you need it. The possibilities are


This concept creates a lot of very interesting possibilities, especially in the area
of disconnected applications. Back when I saw how the New York Time created a special
host on the Mac for their Silverlight based Times Reader, I really started to think
about the potential.

With all of this comes many questions about functionality, so I’m curious to see how
things work.

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Adam Launches The Continuum Show

Adam Kinney recently announced
the launch of a new Channel 9 series called <DeepVoice Echo=”High”>The Continuum
Show</DeepVoice> in which he takes a look at many of the exciting new technologies
from Microsoft that are pushing the limits of traditional applications on the web
and desktops through technologies such as WPF, Silverlight, and ASP.NET


“This is the beginning of a new show on Channel 9 focused on the world
of UI technologies available from Microsoft.  This includes some of your favorites
like WPF, Silverlight, ASP.NET, Expression, IE8 and more.  We’ll be showing new
features, patterns and practices from experts and samples of inspirational applications.


Episode 0 gives
an intro

Episode 1 looks
at the MVC Framework with Phil Haack

details the video


Building with Silverlight

This space is getting really exciting. Great job Adam! I look forward to seeing more.

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