Silverlight LOB Forms

I’ve been thinking a lot lately on how different types of layout controls can be used
make the tools and the framework do the heavy lifting for us in our Silverlight Development. Karl
recently posted an
example creating a custom WPF control to make it easier to layout a data input screen
and I decided to build out a Silverlight version.

The control extends an ItemsControl to use a custom container that provides a text
label and layout for input controls.


The result is a custom control that allows me to add input controls such as TextBoxes
and CheckBoxes and get labels and much of the styling for free. Silverlight’s DataBinding
capabilities allow me to set a DataContext for the FormControl, and then simply specify
an individual binding for each field.

<TextBox Zelt:FormItem.LabelContent="First
Name" Text="{Binding FirstName}" Width="250"/> <TextBox Zelt:FormItem.LabelContent="Last
Name" Text="{Binding LastName}" Width="250"/>

Utilizing this type of markup allows for a lot of potential in tool support. I’m sure
that Karl plans to support this type of content in his XAML
Power Toys

I’ve got a few additions before I share out the code, but I’d welcome any feedback
on this approach.

Great .NET Conference Opportunity

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In early December Montreal is hosting an exciting developer conference covering a
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PDC Content Comes to the Carolinas!

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