Silverlight 3 at TRINUG Web Apps Sig


Tonight the gang at the TRINUG Web
Apps SIG (Special Interest Group) decided to take a break from their monthly MVC and
JQuery fun to take a look at some of the new features of Silverlight 3.
The screenshot above and link below is the completed code sample that I was walking
through to show some Silverlight basics and look at a few of the new features.

The sample includes Perspective 3d capabilities, element to element bindings, and
Pixel Shader Effects.

Download SigDemo
SL3 Code

The Silverlight 3 Out Of Browser Slide application demo that we took a look at as
well is available
here on Mike Harsh’s Blog

Carrboro RIA Meetup Silverlight Presentation Followup

Thanks to everybody that attended my presentation at the Carrboro RIA meetup last

Here are a few links to items discussed:

Getting started with Silverlight:

Microsoft Expression Blend website:

Some of the demo sites we looked at:


Silverlight Control Toolkit

Sketching User Experiences by Bill Buxton

Sketching User Experiences:  Getting the Design Right and the Right Design (Interactive Technologies)


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