Windows Azure – Say it Right!

On Wednesday January 13, 2010 our local Microsoft Developer Evangelist will be presenting
a sneak peak at some of the upcoming Windows Azure content. As we gather to talk about
Azure, I thought it was only proper that we take a moment and say it together. Now,
as much as I know all of my southern friends down here like speaking French, I hate
to the one to tell you that the proper pronunciation can be done with use of a French
accent. As a reference I give you this
link to the Merriam-Webster dictionary site
for an audio clip.  Wednesday
night lets all say it together!

As a choice of a name for a Cloud Computing platform, I must admit I find it a little
strange. According to the wikipedia
it a blue color, specifically “The clear blue color of the sky”. No, it
may just be my view of the world, but if you were wanting to promote cloud solutions,
would want to not draw attention to the beauty of a clear blue cloudless sky? Anyways,
enough about words, come check out the code!

More information about the event is available on the Trinug

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