Azure Blob Storage and Hosting Cross-Domain Silverlight Applications

Recently I ran into a situation where I wanted to host an ASP.NET MVC web application and Silverlight application in Windows Azure. The ASP.NET application provides all of the backend services for the Silverlight application. This was all well and good until I decided to move the Silverlight XAP file from the ClientBin directory of […]

Windows Azure Training–A Great FREE Gift for the Holidays!

If you’re looking at getting up to speed with some Windows Azure training , here are some webcast dates for you to mark down and register for, including the upcoming Firestarter event! 12/09: MSDN Simulcast Event: Windows Azure Firestarter 11/29: MSDN Webcast: Azure Boot Camp: Introduction to Cloud Computing and Windows Azure 12/06: MSDN Webcast: […]

Silverlight 5–Future Features Unwrapped

At the Silverlight Firestarter event today in Redmond (And broadcast live around the world) Scott Guthrie kicked off the show with a very exciting look ahead at some of the planned features for Silverlight 5. There were two strong themes to these new features “Premium Media Experiences” and “Business Application Development”. The enhancements to media […]