It’s been a fun week of community events!

It’s been a fun week participating in local developer community events. This past Saturday was the (9th?) annual Raleigh Code Camp where I had a blast presenting on some of my recent work with Windows Azure Mobile Services. This yearly event put on by volunteers from TRINUG is always an amazing event, bringing together attendees and presenters from near and far for a geeky day of learning.

Later in the week I participating in a panel of “loud people” discussing “How do you stay current in our warp speed environment?“. The panel brought some interesting opinions and that audience participated in a fun conversation about our industry. A lot of the conversation focused around learning resources, including books, blogs, videos and twitter. It was a reminder of how much I enjoy reading quality content on a variety of blogs, but also how I’ve neglected posting to my own. I tried earlier in the year to get back in blogging groove again and failed, but I’m going to take another shot at here. Not sure if anybody is still here reading, but if you are you’ve been warned.

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