Hints of What’s to Come at Build 2014

It’s the night before Microsoft’s Build 2014 Developer conference gets underway and many are wondering what announcements the event will bring. While I’m sure there are many surprises tomorrow, there are certainly some interesting details in the titles of sessions released so far.

Some that caught my eye were:

Developing apps using the Common XAML UI framework (Windows 8.1. Windows Phone)

What’s new in WinJS (Windows 8.1, Windows Phone)

The New Windows Phone Application Model

Windows Phone Enterprise Management

Building a Converged Phone and PC App using HTML and Javascript

Better App Compaq with Enterprise Mode for IE11 (Tagged Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone)

Windows Desktop Development Panel Discussion (Look at all those XAML folks!)

We’ll have to see what tomorrow¬† brings, but lots of juicing bits to keep us guessing. You can check out the schedule here: http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/Build/2014?sort=status&direction=asc#theSessions