TRINUG Intro to XAML Layout Presentation

A big thanks to everybody that showed up to the TRINUG Intro to XAML presentation / hack night. It was a fun format to present some content while fully engaging and audience coding away. It was awesome to see everybody’s interest and enthusiasm.

There were definitely a few areas that I didn’t get to dig into as much as I would have liked to during the presentation with all the Q&A/Interactions, so I thought I would put together a quick video summary of the Xaml Layout portion of the discussion. I’ll hopefully record this a bit better as it’s a little rough but wanted to go ahead and share it out any. Enjoy!



It’s been a fun week of community events!

It’s been a fun week participating in local developer community events. This past Saturday was the (9th?) annual Raleigh Code Camp where I had a blast presenting on some of my recent work with Windows Azure Mobile Services. This yearly event put on by volunteers from TRINUG is always an amazing event, bringing together attendees and presenters from near and far for a geeky day of learning.

Later in the week I participating in a panel of “loud people” discussing “How do you stay current in our warp speed environment?“. The panel brought some interesting opinions and that audience participated in a fun conversation about our industry. A lot of the conversation focused around learning resources, including books, blogs, videos and twitter. It was a reminder of how much I enjoy reading quality content on a variety of blogs, but also how I’ve neglected posting to my own. I tried earlier in the year to get back in blogging groove again and failed, but I’m going to take another shot at here. Not sure if anybody is still here reading, but if you are you’ve been warned.

While I get back to speed, please check out some other local bloggers:

David Green –
Jamie Dixon –
Steve Suing –


RDU Code Camp – Saturday November 5, 2011

One week from today, on Saturday November 5th a number of North Carolina software
developers will be spending the day at camp… Code Camp. If you’ve never attending
a Code Camp, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to learn, network, and be both
inspired and motivated to expand your skills. A number of speakers from near and far
will be presenting on a variety of topics. To top it off, this event is free thanks
to the support of a number of generous organizations.

For more information and to register visit


EOS 2010: The End Of Summer

It’s official. Summer is over. I hate to be the one to break it to you, but it’s true.

September brings with it the shocking reality that summer is over. There still may
be nice days ahead, but they are not the days of summer.  We try to deny it,
but somehow things are different, and I’m not talking about just the weather. Everybody
just seems a little bit more serious, meetings a little more intense, and deadlines
a little sooner.

Fall also brings many things to look forward to, including .Net developer community
events such as Code Camps, SQL Saturday, and SharePoint Saturday.

Here are some events to note:

Raleigh SQL
– September 18, 2010 Raleigh NC

Richmond Code Camp – October
9th, 2010  Richmond VA

Silicon Valley Code Camp
October 9,10 2010  Los Altos Hills, CA

SoCal Code Camp – Saturday
October 23,24 2010 Los Angeles CA

Raleigh Code Camp – Saturday
November 6, 2010 Raleigh NC

Desert Code Camp
Saturday November 12, 2010 Phoenix AZ

(If I missed your event please let me know and I’ll add it)