i-mate Releases Windows Vista SideShow Debugger

i-mate has just announced a Windows Vista SideShow
debugging tool. More information is available in their forums post here and
you can download the debugger from: http://www.clubimate.com/t-WINGADRV.aspx

According to their post “This debugger also serves as a sneak preview
of the functionality to be available in upcoming i-mate Mobile Devices and the anticipated
Momento Digital Photo Frame Version 2.  Therefore, any gadgets that are compatible
with the debugger are sure to work on future i-mate devices.”

It’s great to see them supporting SideShow on their already very cool Momento and Ultimate devices!

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Windows Vista Search Index: Add Network Shares

What to added mapped drives of network shares to the search indexes of Windows Desktop
Search in Windows Vista? See KB918996

Availability of the Windows Desktop Search: Add-in for Files on Microsoft Networks

The following file is available for download from the Microsoft Download Center:
the UNCFATPHInstaller.msi package now.
Release Date: September 28, 2006

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The Windows Vista WOW has Started

As the clock strikes midnight around the world, signs of the consumer release of Windows
Vista have started to surface.

Pick a WOW any WOW!

Retailers have started getting their displays ready, with many of them holding special
launch celebrations



And some even have systems with Vista pre-loaded ready to go.


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Vista Launch Cookies

This weekend I took a much needed break from work activities, and amongst other things
setup the Christmas tree and made cookies. Not just any old cookies however, along
with the snowmen, Christmas trees and other holiday favorites, I made special Windows
Vista launch cookies to enjoy later this week in celebration of Vista making it’s
official debut!

Well, official debut I guess if you don’t live in Canada where Edmonton Alberta hosted
their Vista launch last Thursday. (I wonder if there were any cookies?) Speaking
of Vista, it runs SOOOOO much better now that I have yanked the crappy ATI video
card out and put an nVidia card in. No more weird artifacts and other video issues
that the ever crashing ATI R300 drivers were causing.