Great .NET Conference Opportunity

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In early December Montreal is hosting an exciting developer conference covering a
wide range of topics from some of our industry’s leading presenters. The 3 day conference
is packed with information in 136 sessions. Pre and Post conference sessions are also
available to increase your learning potential at the event. Attendees will also receive
over $1000 in free software!

The fun starts Tuesday December 2nd with a key by Ted Neward. See you there!!!


PDC Content Comes to the Carolinas!

Did you miss PDC? Want to see some of the latest content relating to Cloud Computing,
Silverlight 2, and the future directions of ASP.NET 4? Links are below for your FREE

Introducing the MSDN Southern Fried Roadshow:


The MSDN Southern Fried Roadshow is a  ¾ day, free developer event with
a southern flair where you will learn about some of the latest developments in Microsoft
technologies. For this edition we will cover a broad range of the latest Microsoft

· Take a tour of Microsoft’s cloud computing platform and the services that
make it easy to give your applications the most compelling experiences and features. 
Explore the journey a developer takes, from writing a service to launching that service
in the cloud. Learn about the cloud services that enable developers to easily create
or extend their applications and services.

· Microsoft Silverlight provides a powerful platform for building the next
generation of rich interactive applications on the Internet. In this session, we take
a look at the programming model and tools that developers and designers can leverage
to build these true next-generation experiences for consumers and business, and demonstrate
building a rich interactive application (RIA) using Silverlight and Microsoft .NET.

· ASP.NET is evolving a very rapid pace, come explore all the latest features
of ASP.Net such as Dynamic Data, MVC, and even take a sneak peak at the upcoming features
in ASP.NET 4.0!  We’ll look at some new features such as taking control of your
Control IDs, using the DynamicImage control, and ViewState management options.  
We’ll spend plenty of time talking about MVC and creating applications based on this
framework, so if you’re wondering how to leverage MVC in your web applications, this
talk is for you!


12/2/2008 — Charleston

12/3/2008 – Wilmington

12/4/2008 – Raleigh

12/5/2008 – Charlotte


Karl on Metadata

In a recent blog
, Karl takes us on a journey to Metadata Island. (From the pictures,
it looks like a place I would like to visit frequently!). Though his post and accompanying
Silverlight videos he brings up a number of very valid points regarding the use of
existing metadata to make development faster.

A big pain point in development is duplication of efforts, and even in simple cases
it can eat up a lot of time very quickly. Consider creating a simple database entry
form. We’re first creating a database table with field names, we then construct a
data layer of some sort to read and write to those field names, we then add textbox
(or other) controls to a form facilitate the data entry/edits, and then usually create
labels (again using the field names), tools tips are added, data validation. To Karl’s
point, all of this information lived in the database already, or possibly even in
a specification document prior to the database being created.

More tooling support would be great. Or at least some consistent tooling, as I know
we’ve all written code to do a variety of these tasks in the past, but never really
in coordination with VS.

[Karl's form generator]

[Karl’s form generator]

As we go forward, I hope that we see a lot of innovation in this space. I think there
are a lot of opportunities as WPF and Silverlight push into line of business applications.


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Charlotte Enterprise Developers Guild: Spring Code Camp 2008

Bill and the gang down in Charlotte have opened up registration for their spring Code
Camp on Sat May 17th. A number of people from the Raleigh area are thinking of carpooling
down, and a number of us are speaking at the event. I will be presenting a session
on Silverlight 2 control customization.

Code Camps are a great way to get training on a variety of topics, as well as to meet
peers in the community and benefit from the energy and excitement that goes hand in
hand with these events.

To attend this event you must pre-register: 


Code Trip’n

One of the fun parts of Mix08 was seeing the Code
bus set sail on it’s voyage around the western US. It’s a bunch of Microsoft
DE’s and prominent members of the developer community that will be holding a series
of events as they travel from city to city. I look forward to seeing the bus again
at it’s final destination at the MVP summit in Seattle in April. 

The Code Trip site has a listing of the events
taking place, real time bus GPS tracking, and a travel
. Anybody recognize the two in the preview image?



Happy trails Code Trip Team!!!


Congratulations New Microsoft RD’s!

I’d like to take this opportunity to say congratulations to two very deserving friends
of mine that were recently awarded Regional Director status by Microsoft, Daniel Egan
and Jim Duffy. Without going into all the details, (You can learn more here)
but let’s just say it’s a pretty big deal and these guys should be feeling pretty
good about their accomplishments. Good job guys! You both deserve it!

Jim received a big round of applause at the Raleigh Code Camp when our DE Brian Hitney
made the big announcement. Below is Daniel after receiving the email following an
INETA user group presentation he gave in Florida.




I Want My MVC

I’ve ben closely watching the Scott and Scott show
off the new ASP.NET MVC Framework. If you haven’t been following along, here’s some
reading to keep you busy until we see a CTP release sometime soon. (Hopefully real


MVC Framework (Part 1)


Architectural View of the ASP.NET MVC Framework

MVC Framework – Handling Exception by using an Attribute

In depth:
The ASP.NET MVC Pipeline

Feed with the new ASP.NET MVC Framework

– The ASP.NET MVC Framework

MVC Framework – List and Save data

As somebody that’s been following what been going on with Ruby frameworks like RAILS,
as well as REST I’m very interested in seeing how this applies to the ASP.NET world.
I’m still forming opinions, but I find the potential very exciting.

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