Lingo Voice Over IP Service Expands

Primus, the US subsidiary of Primus Telecommunications Group announced that they have expanded their Lingo Voice Over IP (VoIP) to 46 states and the District of Columbia. Primus is currently offering “service free for the first 3-months to encourage users to try an alternative to their conventional telephone company” Similar to other VoIP service providers, […]

Canadian VOIP Market Heats Up

Shaw Communications Inc, Canada ‘s second-largest cable-TV provider recently announced a deal with telecommunications giant Bell Canada to offer voice over internet protocol telephone services. Bell will be providing wholesales services including access to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and long distance facilities.   Canadian consumers are being offered a variety of services in […]

Telus Mobility and LG Introduce “Fastap” Phone

Canadian cellular service provider Telus is apparently the first to sign on to use an innovative new style of keyboard called “Fastap” developed by Digit Wireless. The phones are to be manufactured by LG and distributed in Canada by Telus. For more details see the press release here. For delivery details check with your local Telus […]

It’s an amazing shrinking world we live in.

January 25, 1925 Inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell, and his assistant, Thomas A. Watson, talk by telephone to each other over a 3,400-mile wire between New York and San Francisco. This marks the first transcontinental telephone service. The two held the first wire conversation in 1876 when they spoke over a two-mile wire […]

Attention last minute shoppers: Samsung SPH-I700 is available in Canada

That’s right kids, the Samsung SPH-I700 Windows Power Pocket PC phone is now available in Canada for use on the Telus Mobility network. A limited number of devices are available through The Phone Experts Communications in Alberta. This slick little Pocket PC can be activated on their 1X data network and also used on a […]

Sierra Wireless Voq Professional Phone Demo

Sierra Wireless, makers of fine products such as the Wireless Data 1x Aircards  now has information online about their new “VOQ Professional Phone” running Windows Mobileā„¢ 2003 for Smartphone software as it’s OS. It has a flip-open QWERTY “thumb-pad”. Their site features a cool 3d view of the product and feature information. According to the […]