Happy New Year: 2016 Edition

As we all begin another trip around the sun together, it always seems like a good time for a bit of reflection on where we’ve been and where we’re headed. While a low year for the blog, 2015 was a busy year with many opportunities, challenges, and changes.

One of the higlights of 2015 for me was presenting a talk my friends at the Triangle .Net User Group  titled “Change, Opinions, Principles, and Learning.”


It brought together a number of things that I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about related to maintaining our skills in technology in a rapidly changing world. In a nutshell we must learn to deal withe change around us, be thoughtful enough to form opinions for ourselves, be mindful enough to stick to a foundation of principles to help guide us, and along the way to continue to push the envelope through deliberate practice to expand our knowledge and understanding. It was a lot fun preparing for the talk by putting a collection of thoughts and notes together into something semi coherent that could be shared with others. The converstations with others about their thoughts and ideas after the presentation was equally rewarding and I’m grateful to all of those that continued the conversation.

And it’s in the spirit of continuing the conversation and the learning that I look forward to 2016 and all that it has in store for us.

TRINUG December Event

In an ongoing tradition, the Triangle
.Net Users Group
will be hosting a special December main meeting featuring a number
of “Lightning Talks” by local presenters and a pot luck dinner. It’s a great way to
get a full dose of technical info while enjoying a fun and festive gathering with
your peers in the local .Net community.

up to give a talk …

up for a dinner item…

Please help spread the word! I look forward to seeing you there!

NOTE : Meeting is Wednesday December 14, 2011.

RDU Code Camp – Saturday November 5, 2011

One week from today, on Saturday November 5th a number of North Carolina software
developers will be spending the day at camp… Code Camp. If you’ve never attending
a Code Camp, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to learn, network, and be both
inspired and motivated to expand your skills. A number of speakers from near and far
will be presenting on a variety of topics. To top it off, this event is free thanks
to the support of a number of generous organizations.

For more information and to register visit http://codecamp.org.

Raleigh Code Camp 2009

The date has been selected for the 2009 Raleigh Code Camp. It’s going to take place
this year on Saturday September 15th in Raleigh, NC. The call for speakers is out,
and you can submit your talks at www.codecamp.org for
the event. We’re looking forward to another stellar event!

If you have never attended a Code Camp before, they are a free day of developer training
put on by other developers. The speakers volunteer their time (and travel) to present
on topics they are passionate about. With typically draw a number of MVP’s and other
experts in a variety of topics areas. The cool things is that you don’t need to be
a conference speaker or have some special title to speak, and in fact some of the
best presentations I’ve seen are from people who are just passionate about their area
of interest. The event is free, but you must register to attend. Attendee registration
will begin in August.

On a side note, WPF MVVM Superstar Karl
is planning attend and may also be presenting a special version of his
MVVM LOB training talk on Friday before. We’re looking at the interest and availability
of venue right now. Karl’s an amazing and passionate WPF expert, and his talks have
packed rooms across the country and around world. If you are interested in attending
please let me know.

Silverlight 3 at TRINUG Web Apps Sig


Tonight the gang at the TRINUG Web
Apps SIG (Special Interest Group) decided to take a break from their monthly MVC and
JQuery fun to take a look at some of the new features of Silverlight 3.
The screenshot above and link below is the completed code sample that I was walking
through to show some Silverlight basics and look at a few of the new features.

The sample includes Perspective 3d capabilities, element to element bindings, and
Pixel Shader Effects.

Download SigDemo
SL3 Code

The Silverlight 3 Out Of Browser Slide application demo that we took a look at as
well is available
here on Mike Harsh’s Blog

Raleigh Code Camp 2008 – Fall Edition

Registration will soon be opening for the Raleigh Code Camp 2008 Fall Edition (RCC2008FE
for short). Keep an eye on www.codecamp.org and www.trinug.org to
register for the event in the near future. It’s going to be a crazy couple of weeks
for me here so I wanted to get this reminder out early.I was able to sneak a peak
at the session list and it’s action packed with a variety of great topics covering
pretty much every aspect of .Net development.

We’re also very excited to have Karl
back in the Carolinas as our keynote speaker. Karl who has recently
taken a position with Microsoft in Redmond will be covering some WPF and Silverlight related
topics including his recently released XAML Power Toys and Ocean.

If you have never attended a Code Camp event before, I strongly encourage you to plan
to attend. The events pack a variety of topics presented by a wide range of speakers,
both local and from afar. In addition to the presenters, the events attract an energetic
group of your peers interested in learning and expanding their .NET related skills.
This is a great way to cram much of the value of an industry conference into a local,
1 day, free to attend event. With some uncertainty  in the economy, this is a
great way to get some free training, network with your peers, and sharpen your skills.

With Code Camp falling just a couple of weeks after the Microsoft PDC conference,
I can pretty much guarantee that at least a few of the sessions will contain some
valuable details on things to come.

Jeffrey Palermo – TDD, DI, and SoC with ASP.NET MVC

Triangle .NET User Group
Wednesday, August 13, 2008 , 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

INETA Speaker Jeffrey Palermo will
be presenting at TRINUG August meeting in Raleigh, NC. Registration is required for
this event which is being held at ECPI.

dive into how to design a presentation layer using ASP.NET MVC. 
In today’s industry, TDD, DI, and SoC are proven concepts that lead to more maintainable
applications.  Along with demonstrating how to use these techniques with
we will discuss just what concerns should be separated.  This talk provides a
unique perspective on separation of concerns and uses TDD and DI to make it happen. 
MvcContrib is used in all the demos.

get more info visit the TRINUG

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TriNUG March 2008 – Chris Eargle – Continuous Integration – MSBuild on CruiseControl

Wednesday, March 12, Chris Eargle will be
presenting on Continuous
Integration using MSBuild and CruiseControl
at the March Meeting of TriNUG.
Chris has an excellent grasp on this topic, and this presentation, while easily approachable
for those new to CI, has plenty of technical depth for those more familiar with the
topic. Chris is a great speaker, and this event will leave you well-versed and capable
in setting up your own CI solution.

[Direct scrape from Dug’s blog but
I wanted to make sure we got the word out!]

Last Chance to Register!

Registration for Code Camp RDU on Feb 16, 2008 is almost full. If you’re planning
to attend this free day of .Net developer training, make sure you register over on
the www.trinug.org website.

This year’s event has a speaker list including Richard Campbell, Carl Franklin, Mark
Dunn, Ken Spencer, Don Demsak, Miguel Castro, Steve Avery, Scott Forsyth, Jim Wooley
and many more.

Topics include LINQ, SharePoint, MVC, SIlverlight, ASP.NET AJAX and more.

The last spaces will likely fill up fast so get registered if you’re not already.
This is an event you will not want to miss!


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VS2008 [Un]InstallFest

If you’re planning on participating in the TRINUG VS2008
InstallFest later this month, please be certain to have completely UN-installed any
VS2008/.Net 3.5 prerelease software that you may have installed on your computer. Scott
has a blog
post with a good list and order to go through to uninstall

Microsoft DE (And all around nice guy) Joe
Healy also has a list
, which includes a few notes on what do do if things don’t
go smoothly.

I personally had no issues following Scott’s list and am now happily running VS2008
and .Net 3.5.

** Just a note that we’ve pretty much reached our capacity for the TRINUG event. We
are using a waiting list so please feel free to sign up and we’ll let you know if
a spot opens up. (If you are not going to be able to attend please let us know as
well. You must be present to participate in the offer)