Free Wi-Fi!

Well, at least for the day. Being the geek I am I could not resist working this afternoon from the Cafe at our local Borders Book Store. Today Intel and T-Mobile are having a special free wireless access day to promote their products. I’ve been curious for a while now about thei service so here […]

Time Flies!

Time flies when you’re having fun! It’s amazing how a week at the beach, a week in Canada , and a visit from relatives and a hurricane can cut into ones regular coding schedule. Well now it’s back to the grind stone. Where was I? Speaking of hurricanes, I snapped this picture of Hurricane Isabel […]

It’s Official!

It’s official, after much debate I have decided to start my own web log, or BLOG. I have recently been finding an extreme amount of helpful information related to .Net programming and other technologies. I hate the feeling of jumping on a band wagon, but I have really found a lot of value in a […]